50th Anniversary Events

50th Anniversary Opening Convocation Remarks


The Reverend Mona Bagasao, Director of Religious Life and Chaplain | Watch Video

Mona BagasaoTonight, I pray God's blessing for a glimpse, but only a glimpse, backward, looking behind just long enough to see the pride of struggle survived, to strength of hands clasped in wise decision;

Looking behind just long enough to see the cloud of Eckerd witnesses and to catch their hope in our eyes and hearts.

Not looking back so long that we mistake who we were for who we are, for we are transformed.

Tonight, I pray God's blessing on the gate to the next fifty years and beyond, and on all those who enter it in joy, in expectation, hope and solidarity.

Tonight, I pray God's unpredictable blessing on all of us who are family and friends of Eckerd College, not just a school but an event that draws to it the brightest of explosions, the most colorful jewels, the deepest secrets, all disguised as students.

God's infinite blessing on our finitude, on our moon pointing, on our questioning.

God's blessing on our remembering and our continuing.

God's blessing on our Now, because God is with us.