As much as Winter Term on the Eckerd campus was a time for study, it also rapidly became a time for travel. This made sense, as perhaps just as important to Dean Bevan's vision of academic excellence at Eckerd as independent study was the application of knowledge in the world. Quickly enough, students learned that one way to merge independent study with a global outlook was to embark on Winter Term trips that emphasized travel, education and service. Early trips to Mexico exemplified this approach, with students visiting the village of Tepoztlan as an introduction to anthropology, archaeology and cultural immersion. Later trips of note took students to Jamaica and Puerto Rico.

These Winter Term activities, as well as early study within the Summer Institutes Abroad program formed the basis for what is now Eckerd's thriving International Education Program, which coordinates a vast number of programs allowing students to seek and apply knowledge abroad, perhaps the most long-standing of which are the London Study Centre and the Semester in Asia Program.

It wouldn't be Eckerd, however, if students weren't also merging the College's global perspective with an ethic of community service. It is this combination that led to the development of special, Spring Break Service Learning trips in which students travel to locations to apply lessons learned in the classroom to service-oriented activities in communities both local and distant.

Academically, the College's global perspective was distilled perfectly in the creation of the International Relations and Global Affairs major in 1994. The value of this major was perhaps demonstrated most clearly by one of its chief architects, Prof. William Felice, being named Florida Professor of the Year in 2006 by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

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