Personal stories of growth at Eckerd College

Nancy Janus, Associate Professor of Human Development

I was a full professor with tenure, earning a solid income and well known in my field in Connecticut. I'd heard of Eckerd. Back in the dangerous 90's in Colombia, the director of the orphanage from where my daughters were adopted had sent her son to ELS, to save him from the rampages of the suicide bombers who were targeting young people. And a 16 year old boy whom I was counseling at the time had told me that he didn't want to go to college unless it was to Eckerd. So, the day I was browsing the Chronicle of Higher Education and my eye stopped on the ad for a professor of Human Development at Eckerd I had to learn more. The more I learned about Eckerd, the more I became convinced that here was a school where I could make a difference in the lives of others. And so it has been. But Eckerd has also made a difference in my life.

What has been so special? Perhaps it is the stream of thank-you notes from students for the support that Eckerd invites us to give them. Perhaps it is the colleagues who share my vision of a just world. Perhaps it is the continuing opportunity for growth and change. How special it has been to spend 4 wonderful months with 18 students in our beautiful house in London. How special it has been to travel with students three times to Southeast Asia in the space of 5 years. How special it has been to have students ask me for copies of movies which have touched me, or songs which I have used to provide background for classroom presentations.
I was right about Eckerd. How special it is.