Personal stories of growth at Eckerd College

Experiences with the Program for Experienced Learners
by Regenia E. Williams, Class of 2004

On Friday June 1, 2007, I along with my college bound son walked into the office of the Dean of the School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, Dr. FouziArammash, at Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina. As Dr. Arammash was walking my son through his curriculum choices, he realized that we were from St. Petersburg and shared that he was an undergraduate of Eckerd College. I shared with him that I graduated from Eckerd also, prompting the conversation to start anew. Our common Eckerd education provided something in common that somehow removed the formality from our conversation and we talked as old friends.

I am convinced that my time spent at Eckerd was the most enriching, intellectual, spiritual, and self-empowering experience I have had so far. When I started the Eckerd program my single driving goal was to get a promotion at work. My initial motivation quickly gave way to enjoying the intellectual journey as it unfolded in the classrooms at Eckerd. Since graduating from Eckerd College I have earned a Masters Degree in Business Administration and I am nurturing a very thirsty ambition to seek a doctoral degree in the discipline of Leadership and Human Behavior.

A life altering awakening occurred for me during the capstone course A Quest for Meaning. My writing took on a voice that revealed that I had a lot to say and to give to others. Through the class I was able recognize my own value. The process of intellectual discovery in this class drove home the point that self-love is the key to being able to serve others.

I start every new experience with the outlook that the "possibilities are without boundaries." Dr. Arammash shared these same words with my son. I thanked him for planting such an important seed in the mind of a kid with his whole future in front of him. Eckerd College changed my life in the best possible way. It is the absolute best gift I have ever given myself. It is a luxury that everyone should have the opportunity to indulge in.