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Dr. Allan Meyers
Professor of Anthropology
Discipline Coordinator of Anthropology

Eckerd College
4200 54th Avenue South
St. Petersburg, FL 33711

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Student Presentations & Publications


Whitney Stamey '11
2011 - A Preliminary Study of Triangular Ridge Bifurcation in Human Maxillary Premolars. American Association of Physical Anthropologists. Minneapolis, MN [coauthored with Prof. Scott Burnett].

Abby Heller '11
2011 - Antemortem Dental Chipping in the Prehistoric Inhabitants of Carriacou (West Indies). Paleopathology Association. Minneapolis, MN [coauthored with Prof. Scott Burnett].

Whitney Neugebauer '09
2009 - Geochemical Signatures at a Recently Abandoned House Lot in the Puuc Region of Yucatan, Mexico. Central States Anthropological Society. Urbana-Champaign, Illinois.

Allison Harvey '09
2008 - House Lot Refuse Disposal and Geochemistry at Hacienda Tabi, Yucatan, Mexico. Society for Historical Archaeology. Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Sarah Levithol '08
2008 - Settlement Survey of Hacienda Xucu, Yucatan, Mexico. Society for Historical Archaeology. Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Brett Baumann '05
2005 Decompression Sickness among Miskito Lobster Divers in Nicaragua. Society for Applied Anthropology, Santa Fe, NM.

Justin McNesky '04
2004 - An Archaeological Approach to the Maya=s Nineteenth-Century Hacienda Experience in Yucatan, Mexico. Midwest Conference on Mesoamerican Archaeology and Ethnohistory, Lexington, Kentucky.

April Crabtree '04
2004 Middle School Approaches to Holocaust Education: Advocating for Tolerance, Awareness, and Coexistence. Society for Applied Anthropology, Dallas, TX.

Ryan Lynch '04
2004 Multiple Use Plant Species of the Semi-Arid Savanna Ecosystem, East Africa: Integration of Cultural and Biological Preservation. Society for Ethnobiology, Davis, CA.


 Journal of Field Archaeology

Allison S. Harvey and Sarah A. Levithol (co-author, Prof. Allan Meyers)
2008 Houselot Refuse Disposal and Geochemistry at a Late 19th Century Hacienda Village in Yucatan, Mexico. Journal of Field Archaeology 33(4):371-388.

The Eckerd Experience

Ruby Bielik '11, anthropology and International Business double major, discusses her Eckerd experience and career aspirations. Ruby was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, and she won the 2011 Ken Keeton Award for Cross-Cultural Engagement, the highest honor of the Comparative Cultures Collegium.

Life After Eckerd

Eckerd anthropology graduates have an outstanding record of achievement in graduate school, civil service, and multiple career fields. In the last decade, our alumni have entered graduate and professional programs across the country in a variety of disciplines. Learn more.