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Alumni Accomplishments

Focus on Graduates

Andrea Willingham '12

Andrea WillinghamAnthropology major Andrea Willingham '12 departs Eckerd for a nine-month internship with the National Park Service in Nome, Alaska. Working in the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve, Andrea is helping to document local cultural and natural history of the region.

Andrea who hails from Odessa, Florida, graduated with a double major in Environmental Studies. At graduation, she was given the Miller Award, presented to an Eckerd senior whose activities best exemplify the ideal of unselfish and public-spirited service to the community, off-campus as well as on campus.

Among her noteworthy accomplishments, Andrea was one of 80 students nationwide to be named a 2011 Udall Scholar. She received a $5,000 award and traveled to Tucson, Arizona, to meet policymakers and community leaders in environmental fields, tribal health care, and governance. In addition, Andrea served as president of Campus Sustainability Congress, an environmental activism club. She was also vice-president of the Anthropology Society and served as a student representative for the College's Environmental Affairs Committee. Andrea spent a semester at the London Study Center in 2010, and she participated in a service-learning trip to Puerto Rico.

In Spring 2012, faculty in the Comparative Cultures Collegium presented her with the Ken Keeton Award, given to a senior who embodies the College's commitment to intercultural understanding through academic excellence, international study, and participation in initiatives that build bridges across cultures.

Ruby Bielik '11

Ruby Bielik '11Ruby Bielik '11, Anthropology and International Business double major, is in her second year of law school at Santa Clara University in the San Francisco Bay area. Ruby graduated from Eckerd with high honors as a member of Phi Beta Kappa. While an undergraduate, she studied in China and London. Her law interests include international trade and development.

Chris Dvorscak '10

Chris DvorscakChris Dvorscak '10 is studying marine archaeology in the anthropology graduate program at the University of West Florida in Pensacola. Chris spent ten weeks in an underwater archaeology field school at UWF during summer 2009. He hails from Crystal River, Florida, and he was a member of the Eckerd varsity baseball team. When asked about his summer field school experience, Chris shared the following:

"I had envisioned diving on wrecks you see on the Discovery Channel - wrecks that are all relatively intact and in clear water. Unfortunately, the wrecks we excavated were in water that was very dark and murky. At times, I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face and I would end up just closing my eyes and feeling my way through the site . . . All the artifacts that were excavated were recorded multiple times to prevent error and loss of provenience. Being that most of the time we would plot artifacts underwater, having many records proved to be imperative."

Megan Gumke '09

Megan GumkeMegan Gumke '09, Anthropology and Spanish double major, has been named Regional Epidemiologist for the State of Florida and will work out of the state's Orlando offices. For the last two years, Megan has worked as an epidemiologist for the Marion County Health Department in Ocala, Florida. She entered Eckerd as an honors student with a Florida Bright Futures Scholarship. She was a member of the College's award winning Ethics Bowl team, and she studied abroad in Spain and Mexico. Megan holds a Masters Degree in Public Health from the University of South Florida.

Jessica Stone '09

Jessica StoneJessica Stone '09, recently graduated with a Master degree from North Carolina State University and won the 2011 Most Outstanding Thesis Award from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Her thesis, Paleodiet and Nutrition at Grand Bay, Carriacou, West Indies, explores stress indicators in ancient teeth, as well as isotopic and zooarchaeological evidence of precolumbian diet in the Caribbean. Jessica is currently enrolled in the biological anthropology doctoral program at the University of Oregon.

Deborah Sadler '09

Deborah Sadler(3) Deborah Sadler is a graduate student in the environmental anthropology doctoral program at the University of Georgia. At Eckerd, she was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate in anthropology and international relations, with an emphasis on West Africa and Latin America. A native of Chicago, Deborah studied abroad in Senegal for a semester as a junior, and she studied in Mexico for a Winter Term. While abroad, she became particularly interested in the application of environmental anthropology in issues of migration, political economy, and sustainability. In her graduate studies, she is currently working on a research project in the Northeast Brazil that involves interviewing farmers about responses to drought.

Grace Gair '08

Grace GairGrace Gair '08 recently completed graduate studies at the Hertie School in Berlin, Germany. Grace's graduate work built on the experience she gained as a Fulbright scholar in South Korea during 2008-2009. She spent nine months living in Korea, teaching English as a second language to local students, and pursuing independent research on the Korean system of education. Established in 1946, the U.S. Givernment's Fulbright Program aims to increase mutual understanding between the peoples of the United States and other countries, through the exchange of persons, knowledge, and skills.

As an Eckerd student, Grace majored in Anthropology and International Relations and Global Affairs, with a minor in Spanish. At the Commencement ceremony, she received the Ronald Wilson Memorial Award, which is presented to a senior student who has made a significant contribution to the total College community. Grace served as President of the Eckerd College Organization of Students, managing a budget of over $400,000. She was also captain of the Eckerd College Ethics Bowl Team, a Resident Advisor and Assistant Residence Coordinator. Grace played an important role in the implementation of the College's honor code system and helped initiate a program focused on academic integrity and community responsibility that was integrated into Eckerd's Autumn Term orientation program for the freshmen class.

A native of Fort Myers, Florida, Grace entered Eckerd as a Florida Presidential Fellow with a Florida Bright Futures Scholarship. She is a Ford Apprentice Scholar, and a member of Omicron Delta Kappa and Phi Beta Kappa. Upon returning from Korea, Grace plans to enter graduate school to pursue a master=s degree in education with a concentration on international education policy. Her long term goal is to become a college professor.

Sarah Levithol '08

Sarah Levithol '08Sarah Levithol '08 is a doctoral candidate in the anthropology department at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. While at Eckerd, Sarah conducted field archaeology research in Yucatan, Mexico as a Ford Apprentice Scholar. At Vanderbilt, Sarah specializes in the archaeology of ancient Maya, and she teaches introductory anthropology.

Lindsay Argo '07

Lindsay ArgoLindsay Argo '07 is Operations Manager at Historic Research Associates, a cultural resource management firm in Alaska. She oversees client services, proposal development, and resource/staff utilization. Lindsay holds an MA in anthropology from the University of Cincinnati. Prior to her move to Alaska, she was on the staff at Gray and Pape, Inc., an historic resources firm in Ohio.

Amanda Donnell '06

Amanda Donnell '06 is a Program Coordinator for the Family Case Management Program at the African Services Corporation (ASC) in New York City. ASC is a multiservice agency based in Harlem and dedicated to assisting immigrants, refugees and asylees from across the African Diaspora. Amanda provides individual and family therapeutic counseling sessions, facilitates bi-weekly support groups, provides medical escorts and interpretations and conducts intakes of new clients. Before coming to ASC, Amanda served in the Peace Corps as an HIV/AIDS prevention volunteer in Togo, West Africa. She later worked in Haiti as a Global Health Fellow with a Human Rights and HIV prevention organization. She holds a Master’s in Public Health from New York University. She speaks English, French and Haitian Creole.

Ryan Lynch '04

Ryan Lynch '04 is Program Director for Third Millennium Alliance, an NGO in Ecuador that runs a variety of agro-forestry, permaculture, and conservation programs.

Julie Zollmann '03

 Julie ZollmanAfter graduating from Eckerd with a double major in Anthropology and International Relations, alumna Julie Zollman talks about her post Eckerd experiences.

"After graduation, I did a nine-month internship at the Carter Center [in Atlanta, named for former president Jimmy Carter] working on long-term development planning in Mozambique and Guyana. In the context of Guyana, extreme racial divisions have been a significant barrier to political and economic development. Anthropology taught me a method of inquiry that better allowed me to navigate a charged society during two field missions . . . From there, I went to the Peace Corps in Swaziland, a culturally complex country with the highest HIV prevalence in the world. Anthropology helped me integrate into my host community, gain trust, inquire effectively about complex cultural attitudes and health behaviors . . . From Peace Corps, I've moved on to an international development NGO called CARE, where I primarily work on program design for microfinance, water, agriculture, education, and health programming . . . I'll be starting a Masters of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University in the fall. I'll be studying development economics and conflict resolution."

Graduate School

Eckerd anthropology graduates have an outstanding record of achievement in graduate school, civil service, and multiple career fields. acceptance into. In the last decade, our alumni have entered graduate and professional programs across the country in a variety of disciplines. Here's just a sample of where some EC anthropology majors have found themselves:

Ruby Bielik ’11 | Law School | Santa Clara University
Rachel Chamberlain ’11 | Medical Anthropology | University of Pittsburgh
Lia Berman ’10 | International Development | London School of Economics
Chris Dvorscak ’10 | Marine Archaeology | University of West Florida
Maya Moseley ’10 | Refugee Studies | American University-Cairo, Egypt
Whitney Neugebauer ’09 | Geoscience | University of Washington
Jessica Stone ’09 | Biological Anthropology | North Carolina State University
Allison Harvey ’09 | Archaeology | New Mexico State University
Megan Gumke ’09 | Public Health | University of South Florida
Heidi Behnke ’09 | Development Anthropology | University of Durham, United Kingdom
Maria Hoerig ’08 | Sustainability | University of South Florida
Sarah Levithol ’08 | Archaeology | Vanderbilt University
Lindsay Argo ’07 | Archaeology | University of Cincinnati
Amanda Donnell ’06 | International Public Health | New York University
Lisa Fish ’06 | Law School | Boston University
Sadie Funk ’06 | MBA | University of Texas-Dallas
Katie Abel ’04 | Geography | Ohio State University
Chris Hubbard ’03 | Museum Studies | University of Florida
Emily Kennedy ’03 | Global Environmental Policy | American University
Jennie Myers Pacheco ’01 | Medicine | Harvard University Medical School

Career Opportunities

What can you do with an anthropology degree?  As our alumni will attest, anthropology provides a solid foundation for pursuing any number of different career paths. Consider the following examples:

  • Luke Sanders '11 teaches English at British Institutes in Milan, Italy
  • Darius Lugo '10 teaches at the English Language School for international students in St. Petersburg, FL
  • Mara Waldruff '10 is a Media Education Specialist for the National Board for Certified Counselors in Greensboro, North Carolina.
  • Megan Gumke '09 is a Regional Epidemiologist for the State of Florida, working out of the state's Orlando offices.
  • Lindsay Argo ’07 is a staff archaeologist at Gray & Pape, Inc., an environmental services & historic preservation company in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Ashley Bejger '07 is an environmental coordinator for the Lockheed Martin Corporation in Atlanta, GA
  • Audrey Copeland '07 is as business development manager for EnerNOC, a San Francisco company that designs energy-efficient products. Environmental Services in Los Angeles, CA
  • Erin Greeno '07 practices social work in Springfield, MA
  • Amanda Donnell '06 is a Global Health Fellow at Heartland Alliance, a nonprofit human rights organization in Chicago, IL
  • Sadie Funk ’06 directs a literacy program in Dallas for preschool children from Spanish-speaking families
  • Ryan Lynch '04 is a wildlife ecologist at the University of Florida
  • Robyn Steinweg Hall '02 is a seminars manager for a corporation in Tampa, FL
  • Nevin Marshall '01 is a middle school history teacher in Ft. Myers, FL
  • Phillip Barlow '00 is an historic preservation consultant in Madison, WI
  • Howard Tanner '99 is an immigration attorney for an NGO in Miami, FL
  • Jan Brunson '99 is a professor of anthropology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • Amber Amari '99 is an international graduate student recruiter at Georgia State University

Peace Corps and Americorps

Several graduates have used Peace Corps and Americorps experiences as springboards to graduate school and international careers.

  • Penelope Alexiadis '14 served with Americorps in Florida
  • Lorel Schmitzberger '14 served with Americorps in North Carolina
  • Miranda Watrous '14 served with Americorps in Massachusetts
  • Amanda Donnell '06 served in the West African nation of Togo
  • Sadie Funk '06 served in the lowland rainforest of Ecuador
  • Julie Zollman '03 served in the southern African country of Swaziland
  • Katrina Berg '00 served in the African country of Zambia

The Eckerd Experience

Ellie Finkenaur '15, Anthropology and Spanish double major with a minor in Latin American Studies, was the 2015 recipient of the Ken Keeton Award for Cross-Cultural Engagement, the highest honor of the Comparative Cultures Collegium. Her senior thesis explores life history narratives of Maya-speaking women in Yucatan, Mexico. A member of Lambda Alpha and Phi Beta Kappa honor societies, Ellie is currently working for the Ministry of Education in Spain as a Language and Culture Assistant in the province of Galicia.

Life After Eckerd

Eckerd anthropology graduates have an outstanding record of achievement in graduate school, civil service, and multiple career fields. In the last decade, our alumni have entered graduate and professional programs across the country in a variety of disciplines. Learn more.