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Programs of study leading to B.S. and B.S. (ACS certified) degrees are available. The descriptions below summarize degree requirements.

  • B.S. Degree Biochemistry Program Courses: The required chemistry courses are CH 121N, 122, 212, 221, 222, 321, 326, 415, and 417. The required biology courses are BI 202, BI 303, and BI 308.

  • B.S. Degree (ACS certified) Biochemistry Program Courses: CH 121N, 122, 212, 221, 222, 321, 322, 326, 415, 417, 424, and either 429 or 499. Also required are Cell Biology (BI 202) and Genetics (BI 303). The certification for this degree program is through the American Chemical Society.

All biochemistry majors must enroll in the chemistry seminar course (CH 410) for four semesters during their junior and senior years. Moreover, all chemistry and biochemistry degrees require two semesters of college-level calculus (MA 131M and MA 132M) and two semesters of college-level physics (PH 241N and PH 242).

Additionally, students must satisfy the collegium requirement of 16 courses for any of the B.S. degrees. Finally, students must maintain a C average or better in courses within the chemistry discipline and the required supporting courses listed above.

For course descriptions, see Biology and Chemistry.

Biochemistry at Eckerd

Eckerd College is one of only two Florida colleges where a student can earn an ACS-certified biochemistry degree.

The James Center

Center for Molecular and Life Sciences

Equipped with the latest in eco-conscious innovations, educational technology and scientific instrumentation, the James Center for Molecular and Life Sciences will advance our efforts to prepare tomorrow’s leaders in the sciences, and will quickly become the hub of the Natural Sciences at Eckerd College. Discover the James Center.