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Environmental perspective courses provide opportunities for students to address issues in the environmental realm in such a manner as to enhance their knowledge of the natural world and to make informed value judgements concerning the environmental consequences of personal and social actions. The Environmental perspective requirement must be met with an Eckerd College course.

    AM 314E Environment in American Thought
    AM 319E Environmental Film Colloquium
    AN 220E Cultural Geography
    AN 335E Cultural Ecology
    BII 230E Tropical Ecology in Costa Rica
    CO 200E Writing the Environment
    EA 316E Asian Environmental Issues
    ES 285E Waterbird Biology and Conservation
    ES 351E Influential Environmental Writers
    HD 208E Your Health and the Environment
    HI 212E The Atomic Environment
    HI 316E Empire and the Environment
    HI 325E Western Myth and the Environment
    HI 353E Environmental History
    HI 354E Environment History - Europe
    LI 106E Southern Literature and the Environment
    MN 351E Technology, Society and the Environment
    MS 230E U.S. Regional Natural History
    MU 326E American Musical Landscape
    NA 182E The Earth's Biodiversity
    NA 201E Ecosystems of Florida
    NA 244E Energy and the Environment
    NA 260E Ecology and the Environment
    PL 243E Environmental Ethics
    PL 300E Nature and the Contemplative Tradition
    PL 310E Ideas of Nature
    PO 202E Public Policymaking in America
    RE 350E Ecology, Chaos, and Sacred
    RE 351E A Culture of Science and Faith
    RE 381E Ecotheology
    RE 382E Asian Religions and Environment
    RE 383E Nature Religion

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