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Global perspective courses provide an encounter with cultures and/or histories whose bases (philosophical, religious, ethical, aesthetic) or world views differ significantly from those of the Western European or North American tradition. Such a course will encourage students to view their own cultural traditions and assumptions in the larger context of the world's diversity. Given the inherent educational value of having cultural experiences in other parts of the world, which naturally encourage cultural comparisons with the student's own, a semester of study or winter term abroad, if so designated, may also satisfy the global perspective requirement. The Global perspective requirement must be met with an Eckerd College course.

    AN 201G Introduction to Anthropology
    AN 206G Cultural Anthropology
    AN 212G Mesoamerican Civilizations
    AN 283G Southeast Asian Area Studies
    AN 285G Latin American Area Studies
    AN 286G Cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa
    AN 287G Caribbean Area Studies
    AS 301G Ancient Barbarians: Self and Other
    CN 208G Gender/Sexuality in Asian Literature
    CN 228G Chinese Martial Arts: Literature and Film
    CN 288G Chinese Popular Culture
    EA 201G East Asian Traditions
    EA 204G Japanese Popular Culture
    EA 310G Modern China
    EA 311G Modern Japan
    EA 312G History of Southeast Asia
    EA 313G Modern Korea
    FI 224G International Cinema: The World through Film
    FR 370G The Francophone World
    HD 216G Global Children's Issues
    HI 218G Modern Middle East
    HI 232G World History to Columbus
    HI 233G Global History in the Modern World
    HI 234G Twentieth Century World History
    HI 324G Native American History
    HI 360G Modern Africa
    HI 372G World War II
    INI 389G British Seminar
    JA 207G Japanese Culture: Supernatural
    JA 307G Modern Japanese Literature: Self & Society
    LI 244G Postcolonial Literature
    LI 314G Caribbean Literature and Film
    MU 356G World Music
    PL 103G Introduction to Eastern Philosophy
    PL 303G Individual/Society - Chinese Thought
    PL 349G Native American Thought
    PO 103G Introduction to International Relations
    PO 104G Introduction to Comparative Politics
    PO 211G Inter-American Relations
    PO 231G East Asian Comparative Politics
    PO 232G The Pacific Century
    PO 263G North African Politics
    PO 311G Latin American Politics
    PO 316G Women and Politics Worldwide
    PO 352G The Globalization Debate
    PO 362G MidEast Conflicts and Wars
    PO 363G Middle East Political Economy
    RE 105G Religion in Global History
    RE 219G Hindu Traditions
    RE 220G Buddhist Traditions
    RE 230G Yogis, Mystics, Shamans
    RE 334G: Gender, Activism, and Religion
    RE 240G Non-Western Religion
    RE 325G Regional Topics in Buddhism
    RE 356G Asian Religions and Warfare
    RU 282G Russian Society Through Cinema
    SO 280G Time and Temporal Systems

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