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The geosciences minor introduces students to Earth systems, history, structures, materials, and processes. The geosciences minor is particularly appropriate for environmental studies students who wish to better understand our physical environment. The geology minor consists of five courses.

Three Required Core Courses:

    MS 101N Geological Oceanography
    MS 234 Earth Systems History
    MS 257 Earth Materials

Two Upper-Level Electives from the following list:

    MS 303 Solid Earth Geophysics
    MS 304 Marine Invertebrate Paleontology
    MS 305 Marine Stratigraphy & Sedimentation
    MS 306 Earth Structure
    MS 309 Principles of Hydrology
    MS 347 Marine Geochemistry
    MS 401 Coastal Geology

GS 498: Comprehensive Exam
Capstone experience required for Geosciences majors, with the exception of those who complete a senior thesis. Written exam covering geosciences courses. Extensive written and oral report on a geosciences topic. Seniors only. Only open to students who have passed the writing competency requirement.

GS 499: Senior Thesis
Directed research project related to marine or terrestrial geologic environments. By invitation of geosciences faculty only. Formal dissertation and oral defense required. Geosciences students may substitute a senior thesis for the coomprehensive exam.

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