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A minor in theatre requires five courses of which at least two are at the 200 level or above. Three must be Eckerd College courses.

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TH 101A: The Human Instrument
Exploration of the potentials for use of the body, mind, voice, movement, energy, and sensory awareness through a wide range of creative exercises.

TH 145A: Design Basics
An introduction to the elements and principles of design and the design process. Exposure to graphic communications, drafting techniques and computer-aided design and drafting. Includes practical projects in design and research into design history.

TH 161A: Stagecraft
Basic principles and procedures for constructing the stage picture. Theatre terms, use of hand and power tools, set construction, scene painting, special effects and new products.

TH 163A: Basic Acting
Development of basic tools of the actor through reading, discussion, acting exercises and scene work. Introduction to several approaches to the craft of acting.

TH 202A: Improvisation
Introduction to basic techniques of short-form improvisation and theatre games. Students work with techniques developed by a variety of theatrical innovators, with emphasis on controlled creativity. Permission of instructor required.

TH 204A: Lighting and Sound Design
Explores the theories and practices of theatrical lighting and sound design. Students will learn to use lighting and sound equipment through several in-class projects. Pre-requisites: TH 145A or TH 161A.

TH 233A: Plays in Performance
Attend plays at area theatres. Gain an appreciation for playwriting, acting, directing, theatrical design, and technical production through an examination of live performance. Learn script analysis techniques and how to write an effective theatrical critique.

TH 235A: Theatre Production
An intensive laboratory experience in play production. Work in a single area such as assistant directing, stage management, costuming, lighting, sound, box office, or publicity. Course requires extensive out of class group work. Open to all students.

TH 245: Scene Design
Play analysis and research for creating scene designs. Drawings, groundplans, renderings, model-making. Each student will produce a number of designs. Prerequisite: TH 145A or TH 161A.

TH 257: Advanced Acting: Short Form Improv
Focus on study of advanced acting styles or techniques, with an emphasis on their practical application. Prerequisite: TH 163A or TH 101A.

TH 263A: Technical Theatre
Focus on academic/practical study in areas of technical theatre, e.g., stage management, advanced stagecraft, welding, drafting, scene painting, etc. Prerequisite: TH 161A.

TH 270: Acting: Shakespeare
Exploration of Shakespeare through acting exercises: style, language, imagery, actions, storytelling, physicality, emotions, characterization. Students perform Shakespeare scenes, monologues, and sonnets. Prerequisites: TH 163A or TH 101A.

TH 282A: Performance and Design History
A class focusing on reading classic and contemporary plays from specific theatrical periods, with students researching social, visual, and performance context of each script.

TH 333A: Play Reading
An exploration of current and contemporary plays produced in New York and London. Designed to increase overall theatrical vocabulary and foster skills in script analysis and communication.

TH 372: Directing
Study and practice of directing theories and techniques for the theatre: script analysis, auditions, and rehearsal process from play to production. Prerequisite: TH 101A or TH 163A.

TH 498: Senior Theatre Company I
All graduating seniors are required to form a theatre company that will produce a short play to highlight their skills as performers, directors, and/or designers. First course of the two-course capstone sequence. Majors only.

TH 499: Senior Theatre Company II
All graduating seniors are required to form a theatre company that will produce a short play to highlight their skills as performers, directors, and/or designers. Second course of the two-course capstone sequence. Majors only.

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