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Eckerd College Chemistry News

Page and Matt Page Spiess and Matt Medeiros, both chemistry graduates from 2004, have recently been in the news. Page co-authored a research paper on brevetoxin binding to lipoproteins, that appeared in the June issue of Environmental Health Perspectives. Page is currently doing graduate work in toxicology at the University of California - Davis. Matt Medeiros also co-authored a recent paper, which was featured in the August 29 issue of Chemical & Engineering News and appeared in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. Matt is pursuing graduate research in organic chemistry at Yale University.

(Originally posted 9/6/2005)

Chemistry at Eckerd

The Chemistry Department at Eckerd College offers Bachelor's degrees in chemistry, including a chemistry degree certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS). We are one of only two Florida colleges where a student can earn an ACS-certified biochemistry degree. Our students have gone on to careers in fields such as forensics, atmospheric chemistry, and pharmaceutical chemistry as well as DNA structural research, cosmetic chemistry, and medicine. We've even graduated a professional baseball player and a college president!

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Equipped with the latest in eco-conscious innovations, educational technology and scientific instrumentation, the James Center for Molecular and Life Sciences will advance our efforts to prepare tomorrow’s leaders in the sciences, and will quickly become the hub of the Natural Sciences at Eckerd College. Discover the James Center.