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Eckerd College Chemistry Research Students

Kat and ZackOur chemistry majors often carry out a research project under the supervision of one of our faculty members. Students are encouraged to present their findings at professional meetings.

Listed here are some of our recent research students and their projects.

  • Lily Raines (2008): Hydrocarbons and other Molecules in the Outer Solar System
  • Ariel Lewis (2007): Synthesis and Sublimation Energy of Carbonic Acid: Applications to the Martian Environment
  • Rachel Robbins (2006): Synthesis of 9-Aminoacridine Analogs as Potential Inhibitors of S-Adenosylmethionine Decarboxylase
  • Helen Westbrook (2006): Synthesis of an Alkenone Proxy for Use in Climate Change Research
  • Stephen Bell and Jim Rotondi (2006): Small Molecule Mimics of Zinc Mettaloproteases
  • Dylan Houghton and Gina Roberts (2005): Synthesis and Characterization of a Series of Zinc Complexes Incorporating Monodentate and Bidentate Imidazole Ligands
  • Breckon Pav (2004): Synthesis of Optically Pure Sulfoxides by Eight New Monooxygenases
  • Rebecca Harbach (2004): A Series of Novel, Copper-Containing Proteaseome Inhibitors as Nontoxic Chemotherapeutic Agents
  • Layne Norton (2003): N-Anion Initiated Cycloaromatizations: A Potential New Route to Substituted Indoles
  • Stephen Kottmann (2001): Synthesis of Cerium Complexes
  • Jocelyn Cox (2001): Formation of Ketenimine in Interstellar Space
  • Debra Roche (2001): Analysis of Acetylcholinesterase Using Molecular Modeling
  • Karen Sell (2001): In-Situ Spectrophotometric pH Measurements

Chemistry at Eckerd

The Chemistry Department at Eckerd College offers Bachelor's degrees in chemistry, including a chemistry degree certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS). We are one of only two Florida colleges where a student can earn an ACS-certified biochemistry degree. Our students have gone on to careers in fields such as forensics, atmospheric chemistry, and pharmaceutical chemistry as well as DNA structural research, cosmetic chemistry, and medicine. We've even graduated a professional baseball player and a college president!

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