China Research


These days each of us spends most of our time in our respective labs so we have gotten to know our lab partners very well. One of the students that Kasey is working with is named Joe and is a very funny guy whose English is quite good. Earlier this week he treated Kasey and I to a traditional Chinese dinner and after that Kasey, Lindley, and I treated him to a dinner at a local cafe that makes American style food which is actually quite good. During these times Kasey and I have been teaching Joe the true American accent, the Bawstun accent. Both of us come from tiny towns in Massachusetts which are right next to each other. I come from Millis and she is from Medway. To make matters simpler we just tell people here in Xiamen that we come from the same town.

So Joe is now learning the Boston accent, which neither Kasey nor I actually have but we both greatly enjoy imitating it. Thus far we have taught him the words Pahk, Cah, Bawstun, Riveah, and of course the best one of all “wicked.” In conjunction with another great word we get the great phrase “wicked pissah.” Needless to say our pupil is doing very well and if he ever does travel to Boston he will fit in perfectly.