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Continuing Research

For my research this past week we were unable to remove the heart from either of the two embryos we dissected. This meant that I was not able to collect any data for my project the entire week. We were able to get the brain and some fin samples, so I helped the graduate student with his research. Even though I was not collecting data for myself, it was still a good experience because I got to practice all the techniques involved in the project. When I discussed with my Professor how we were unable to get the heart, she suggested that I choose another organ to look at as well. I chose the liver, so I will now study the development of both the heart and the liver. During the week, the graduate student got a call from the aquarium he gets egg cases from. We went to pick up the egg cases and also got to explore the aquarium. From the experience I learned more about how different groups or organizations can work together for research. We collected 40 egg cases, which is great because it means a lot more samples from the different stages of development. This coming week I should be able to collect quite a bit of good heart and liver data.