China Research

Duck Brains Oo La La

Things to be aware of when traveling to different countries include the language barrier, of course, and the food. Last night, I happened upon a birthday party of someone I do not know. The Chinese are great hosts and love having guests, and because of this I was randomly invited to someones birthday. On your birthday, you can invite as many or as few people as you like, and you are responsible to pay for everyone. You are also the one who chooses what everyone eats. The Chinese eating style includes ordering many different dishes and placing them on a lazy susan so everyone can get a taste. Last night this is what the dinner menu included: Duck (the whole thing), chicken knuckles, catfish (the whole thing), beef and chili peppers, mushroom soup, uncategorized noodles, sweet and sour pork, and later of course birthday cake. I tried a good amount as not to be rude, but towards the end of the meal when there was little to no meat left, the birthday girl herself took the opportunity to break the head off the duck and continue by eating the insides of the head, holding by of course the bill. It may have been the look on my face or the sound I made, but they all understood…this is not common in America.