China Research

In Mandarin Coca-Cola Means Delicious Happiness

At least that is what I am told from the side of the Hong Kong Coke cans. But many things are not quite what you are familiar with in China. A short half-a-day plane trip over the North Pole will hurl you into China’s affluent culture. Our first days were spent touring Beijing; home of the 2008 summer Olympics. We’ve climbed the Great Wall of China and toured several world renowned historical sites such as the Forbidden City, Imperial Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Ming Tombs, and Tiananmen Square. We also viewed how native items such as jade, freshwater pearls, copper vases, silk, and tea are utilized for the Chinese economy. Our group enjoyed these once in a lifetime experiences in just the first three days of our China adventure.

From Beijing we traveled to Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU); my home for the next seven weeks. HKBU’s friendly atmosphere and hospitality makes you feel right at home though your 10,000 miles away. We have enjoyed the company of the HKBU faculty and students; they have spared no time or expense of their own to ensure our happiness. The professors look for input in your research and offer you plenty of background information to be sure you are comfortable with your research topic. They have also introduced us to the fine cuisine Hong Kong has to offer such as dim sum which is a series of steamed dishes composed primarily of chicken, pork, beef and vegetables. But that does not mean one should not try things out of your comfort zone. Items such as the lovely silk moth or chicken’s feet which both offer new tastes you will not get in the states; I can personally attest to this. China has already offered me more experiences than I could have asked for and I am looking forward to beginning my research on disinfection bi-products (DBP’s) in the aquatic environment and drinking water and how these DBP’s have produced carcinogenic and genotoxic properties.