China Research

Photo Essay- Beijing

Some photos from Beijing: Olympic preparations, Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven.

Line LeaderLine Leader A city famous for crowed public transit is trying to westernize one of its practices. It is common to see crowds pushing their way onto buses. In preparation for the Olympics, the Chinese government has posted instructors with flags and bullhorns at bus stops through out the city. The instructors are charged with getting the city inline by the time western visitors arrive for the Olympics.

Street CaligraphyStreet Calligraphy With brushes made from a water bottle, pipe and sponge Beijingites practice calligraphy on the stone streets of the Summer Palace.

FishermenFishermen on Kunming Lake The 2.2 km2 lake was dredged by hand in the late 18th century. Like the rest of the Summer Palace it was created for the enjoyment of the Emperor, but is now a public park.

Photo PhotoWesterners attract a lot of attention from many Chinese, who are not usually shy about asking for a picture.

DragonDragon statuette on a roof at the Temple of Heaven.