China Research

Research at HKBU (Environmental Science)

Hong Kong Baptist University has been an excellent experience for me thus far. I spend most of time with Elsie; a graduate student working on a similar project to mine; testing agal growth and its’ relationship to DBPs (disinfection by-products) such as Trihalomethane (THM) and Haloacetic acid (HAA). She has been there every step of the way helping me and giving me direction while trying to do her own masters research. I have been spending the last week working intensively on THM and HAA extraction from 8 samples along the Dongjiang River; which is the eastern tributary of the Pearl River in the south eastern part of China. These DBPs are formed from the introduction of cleaning products such as Chlorine, a commonly used product for killing harmful bacteria. THMs and HAAs have been found to hold genotoxic and carcinogenic properties and that is where our interest lies. DBP levles must be tested to ensure the amounts present in the water system are not harmful to the large populations utilizing these water resources. The Dongjiang river system provides Hong Kong with over 80% of its drinking water! I will also be testing the amount of NOM (natural organic matter) in the water as it has shown to be a direct indicator of the formation of these DBPs. Overall research has been going well and I am considering hydrology as a very real possibility for graduate school.