China Research

Busy, Busy, Busy

This past week has been a long and busy week in the lab. Since we were able to get forty egg cases from the aquarium last week we have lots of samples. The past two weeks we were limited on samples and would only experiment on two or three embryos. This week we have worked on over ten. We continued in the same process as the weeks before, except on the embryonic sharks that were extremely small. If the sharks are around 5 cm or less we employ a slightly different procedure in the beginning steps of the overall experiment. Instead of starting with dissecting the sharks, we first observed them under an anatomy microscope. We make observations and then put them into solution. After they have been in the solution for about 24 hours we remove them, and depending on size, we cut them into pieces that will work best for slicing. The rest of the steps are the same as the larger sharks. This week has contributed a great deal to my project because I have been able to see many of the different steps of the embryonic development. I have not yet completed my slicing work and been able to observe the heart and liver sections under the microscope, since there are so many samples, but am excited to see the results soon.