China Research

Data Analysis and Expected Results

For this week I am doing the literature research my portion of the scientific paper. I should have the results of my experiments excluding the AMES test by the end of the week. I will doing a majority of the data analysis using SPSS, and Sigma Plot to illustrate the data. I have never used these programs and I am looking forward to learning how to use them as I am sure they will be useful in any future research projects, graduate school or possibly for use in a carreer. I will by analyzing my data using such tests as regression analysis, correlation tests, ANOVA, T-Tests, as well as some descriptive statistics.

So far from the research I have conducted I expect to see several correlations from my experiments. I expect correlations between the amount of industrial activity/urbanization for the respective sampling site and the amount of Natural Organic Matter (NOM) or (for our purposes) Total Organic Carbon (TOC); precursors of DBPs. I also expect that I will see strong correlation between the amount of TOC and THM/HAA values. Research has shown that chlorination nearly always affects the amount of TOC only anomaly sites have shown to be different . I will also be using data from previous toxicity experiments such as the Tetramitus test and Microtox test which examine the level of toxicity using bioluminescence and zooplankton respectively. I hope to see correlations with the previously mentioned DBPs as well as correlations between the toxicity tests and a UV254 test I conducted earlier. The AMES test, also a toxicity indicator should give us similar correlations. A final relationship I expect to see is between certain metals such as Copper or Chromium and DBPs as these metals have a strong binding methods with organic matter produced during chlorination. We will see soon! I will am scheduled to have a very rough draft to my professor by mid August.