China Research

Finishing Up

As our research time came to an end we each took turns presenting the work that we had completed. For my presentation I was able to talk about the external and internal changes in the white spotted bamboo sharks as they developed. I had tables and photographs displaying the external changes, such as body color, yolk color, and body shape. I also noted distinctive features for the different stages. I was able to show changes in the tissue of the heart and the liver as well. I had five different hearts to show and many different livers. For the liver I focused on the section that contained the gallbladder. I also had a few different slices of the first and second dorsal fins. The presentations all seemed to go well and it was nice to get to see the work the other students completed. We presented for the professors we worked with, other professors involved in the program, and the students from the labs we worked with. It was good to get everyone together and see how much we were able to accomplish during our time working in the labs.