China Research

Forget it Eric, it’s Hong Kong


HONG KONG- This week we treated cultured gill epithelial cells to determine the effect of DEX (synthetic cortisol) on Cl- cell expression. Cortisol is a hormone produced when an animal is under stress. It is thought that expression of structural proteins used in Cl- cells will be higher hypertonic environments. Gill cells in isotonic and hypertonic mediums were treated with five different [DEX]. After six hours of treatment a Western blot was performed to determine the presence of signaling proteins, that may induce a change in expression.

Looking back on the internship, it was far form what I had expected. It was more than a little frustrating seeing the other students work on their projects, and move to a conclusion on them, with out initiating one myself. While I never had a project with specific goals and objectives, I did practice some molecular biological techniques I had not done before. But I feel the growth of my scientific knowledge over the past two months has been minimal.

I am fortunate that everyone in my lab were: kind, gracious and all around cool people. From the beginning they assisted me in experiencing the culture of Hong Kong. They provided ideas and logistical support for weekend trips, and took Dean and I to restaurant we never would have found (ushering us through an ally, past hawkers and drug deals, to an amazing Indian restaurant - for example). On Friday, the undergraduates asked Oscar to keep me busy in the lab late, while they snuck out. When they returned they surprised me with Best of Hong Kong, a book on pop culture in the city, with a photo and note from them placed inside.