China Research

Slicing, Staining, and Observing

This past week was very busy and I was able to get a lot done for my project. I began the week by slicing my samples. I had multiple heart and liver samples so this took quite a long time. After slicing, I then moved on to staining my slides. The next step was to observe under the microscope and take pictures. Around the middle of the week the graduate student that I work with suggested that I add another component to my project. He thought that I should also look at the development of the different fins. I spent the last part of the week collecting egg cases and preparing the embryos for observation of fin development. This week I will slice, stain, and observe the different fins at different stages of development. I will then compile all of my work for a presentation at the end of the week.

This past week Kasey, Calvin, and I met some students from Sweden that are in Xiamen for part of the summer doing environmental research. It was nice to talk to them and learn about their research and their lives in Sweden. Also, the more time I spend in the lab, the more I learn about Chinese culture from the graduate student I work with. This experience has allowed me to gain knowledge about different cultures and has allowed me to see how people from different parts of the world can work together for common goals. I also now have a better understanding of how I can be involved in international research in my future career.