China Research

Time and Commitment

As we all know, in science there are so many different factors which can influence your project. For instance, I had one more experiment planned for my research however, several chemicals that were ordered near two months ago have still not arrived and it will be too late for me to complete the experiment. I will finish the results of ┬ámy final completed experiment next week which will close out my lab work. I will begin to write a scientific paper which will analyze the results of my work; my paper will be compiled with others’ work to complete a larger study. Due to the delay of the chemicals for the Ames test I will not be able to complete data analysis or the paper until later on in the fall semester.

As this is my first time working on a research project there are several lessons I have learned when working with others; especially on an international level. Working on research projects takes time. Being committed and passionate to a research project is a must and carefully choosing a topic is very important. Also creating good relationships with the people you are working with is essential. I have made good connections with my advisor and professor; I feel that we are working toward a common goal to better understand how we can prevent harmful products in our drinking water. Remembering that I am part of a larger project and that I am representing Eckerd fuels my desire to produce my best work. At an international level producing quality work could mean another opportunity to work at the university or it could mean gaining respect for your school or for yourself as a scientist . I have also realized that there are several universal themes which you will never be chastised for; hard work, respect, and good attitude go a long way anywhere regardless of project or goals.