China Research

Scuba Trip

This Monday I was lucky enough to join Sara’s team and go scuba diving around sharp island to look at coral populations there. It was a shallow dive but the visibility was fair and the fish were plentiful. Most of the fish down there were small but quite brilliantly colored. Yellow Butterfly fish would swirl around a coral formation while clownfish would angrily storm out of their anemone’s and snap their jaws at me. In fact the first clownfish I saw popped up within inches of my mask making it’s angry little clicks. Whenever I got too close to their home they would attack, biting my fingers and mask and hair. They are too little to do much damage though, and it was actually pretty funny to see a 2 inch long fish attack me.

After the dives we were taken on a tour around the islands in South-East Hong Kong. The islands are granite formed during volcanic eruptions due to the subduction zone nearby. They have beautiful columnar joints that create cathedral like cave entrances and cliff faces that could be an ancient organ carved from the rock. Having only heard of columnar basalts it was very neat to see the lighter granite make these formations. The coasts are so beautiful here. Rocky beaches quickly turn into steep green hills that look like a scene from Jurassic Park.

So the beautiful scenery and the great diving combined for an absolutely fantastic day!