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Redemption & Exceeds Expectations?

Well as I was waiting for my thermocycler at work today to finish, I decided that I should not waste time and to write an update! Plus almost everyone in the lab was gone because tomorrow is a public holiday so they wanted to get out a bit early but of course not me ;) Actually in all honesty, I was a bit of an overachiever today so I kind of did it to myself! But it was really not that bad to get out a bit later because in the grand scheme of things this extra half an hour will allow me to get a whole lot more work done on Friday!

But as I said before, I bit off a lot to chew today and I somehow pulled it off! Today I was able to prepare and to perform the protocol for my samples (24 samples!) all the way from their salinity treatments to cDNA! Which is quite a feat if I must say so myself and I think that even Oscar was impressed! Well I am just so thankful that all of my samples came out because these are the freshwater samples that I had to re-do from last week when bacteria decided to crash the party. So in a way I feel that I have redeemed myself from last week’s little slip up J and who knows I may have even exceeded expectations! Well the reason that I say this is because my samples (for both 6 and 24 hour treatments) have thus far (knock on wood!) have come out beautifully! The 260/280 ratios (this can tell you about the quality of your sample), which can be obtained from the nanospectrophotometer, were wonderful! The best range to get is like 1.8 -2.0 and I was getting like 1.98 for most of my samples!!! I was/am so excited! So excited that I decided to have a celebratory ice cream on my way back to my dorm (yes another one! haha)!!

And the best part is that because I was able to convert my samples into cDNA today that on Friday I will be running quite a few real-time PCRs which means a whole lot of results are coming my way! So I will keep you posted!