China Research

Seawater Is A Fabulous Conductor.

Mong Kok, Hong Kong on a Monday afternoon before rush hour. And I just climbed out of a 4×2.5 elevator with approximately 20 other people. I only had to do it once, and I was ‘this‘ close to losing it.

Hemingway’s By The Bay. Location: D-Deck, Discovery Bay, Lantau Island. The best nachos, great bartenders, and to my surprise not one person had read one of Hemingway’s works. I actually just read The Sun Also Rises, while I was there. I figured it was only fitting, not that I had anyone to discuss it with.

Pretty high end drink stop in Peng Chau. A very small island with a massive population, I believe it was something like 6,800 people lived on that island. Basically the most traditional Chinese village I’ve been to so far. By ‘traditional’ I mean, families farming and small shops, etc. It is NOT Hong Kong, that is certain.

Nightfall over Kowloon (where I live), but I’m standing on the Central side (where Victoria’s Peak is). The city is brighter at night. In this picture I was at the ferry docks. I have hundreds of pictures I want to upload on here but it takes way too long. SO - I’ll give you a few of the better ones. I just left Hemingway’s and took a ferry over to Central then took the MTR to Kowloon Tong then walk through Festival Walk then walked past bus station up some stairs, around the corner, down some stairs, and vu-ah la.

SHARP PEAK - 30 km hike from the start of Stage 2 MacLehose Trail. This was easily the most amazing hike I’ve ever taken in my life. I will actually do something along the lines of this again shortly. This picture was taken when we were almost to the top of the peak (yes, the pointy tall one). We left to meet at the MTR at 8:30 am and I walked into my bedroom at 9:45 pm. There was actually a point in time where I was fairly certain I was going to never make it home and quite possibly die out there. The trail NEVER ended, but that was the part I liked most I guess. The views made you feel like you could ‘change the world’. Truly breathtaking.

Part of the hike to Sharp Peak. We were working out way down to the ocean/beach at this point. Hello Pacific! What better place to sit and catch a glimpse of everything than right on the edge. Beautiful.

The most remote beach in all of Hong Kong. You can only get there by taking one of the many hikes, such as the one we did that day, or by your half billion dollar yacht. Your choice. It has a flat, smooth profile, shallow waters yet theres enough surf. Amazing - Have I mentioned I love Hong Kong?

Resting. It had been a long day.

Resting. Again. Don’t judge, I had nine bottles of water and never once had to go to the bathroom. I ate a warm cheese sandwich, so bread cheese half melted and bread. My iPod died, that was devastating. I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to just…rest.

I also have been exploring, I’m really familiar with TST and Mongkok and Central. Now I’m moving to the outlying islands. There are some even MORE exciting and beautiful sights and places to go and see and things to do and learn. Too much to do in just two months. But I have my corals! SO excited. 6 Lobophytum depressum , 2 large samples and 4 smaller samples. Instead of the 8 tanks, because the divers were only able to get 6 samples, I’ve now re-organized. 4 tanks, 2 filters in each tank (increasing water movement), 2 tanks with 1 large sample, 2 tanks with 2 small samples each. There now on a 12 hour light, 12 hour dark cycle, salinity is almost stabilized 2 tanks are a bit high about 2 ppt too high. So I’ve been adding fresh non-chlorinated water to decrease in 2 tanks but needed to add fresh seawater to the other 2 tanks. Stopped filters for about 10 minutes today to clean the green/brown algae out. Nutrient levels are still high but there isn’t much that can be done. We’re trying to keep the environment as natural as possible. Temperatures are only supposed to fluctuate 1-2 degrees C at the very most. 2 tanks are approximately 26 C which is acceptable, but the other 2 are approximately 27-28 C which is getting rather high. pH is stable, 8.1, and chemical concentrations are stable. I will not be able to conduct physical measurements until Friday so for now I tend to their every need (smile).

It has been thunder-storming all day today - so that influenced me to take a run. It may not seem logical to you, but lets take a minute and asses the situation as it really is. 32 C on a low day, 78% humidity on a low day, 100 % pollution/car fumes/2nd hand smoke….. I went for a run in the rain.

I’ve been reading Sun Jin’s paper (he’s getting it published) to correct any spelling errors or grammar in his English. I’m almost through and as I figured, it is just about perfect. Spelling,grammar, set up, the whole 9. His research is so in depth and so interesting. I cannot wait to see his final results.

Seawater is a fabulous conductor. Take caution when working closely with electricity and seawater.