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Classical Humanities

Classical Humanities

Welcome to Classical Humanities

Courses in the classical humanities offer students broad exposure to the languages, literature, philosophy, art, and history of Greece and Rome. Classical humanities, or "classics" as the discipline is commonly called, is a vibrant, interdisciplinary field that lies at the heart of the liberal arts. The study of classics provides an excellent foundation for graduate work in many fields, such as: history, law, philosophy, comparative literature, religious studies, art history, and archaeology.

In classical humanities courses students will investigate connections between the past and the present and will seek to understand the lens through which successive generations have viewed, construed, and often misconstrued the ancient past. Students will come to understand how the legacy of the Greeks and Romans remains alive, exerting influence in nearly aspect of contemporary culture from our public architecture to our favorite action heroes.

Life After Eckerd

Classics graduates often pursue, but are not limited to, careers in business, education, government, and the non-profit sector. The classics major is also excellent preparation for graduate school.

Students Abroad

The photos at the top of this page were taken by students studying abroad. The photo on the left was taken by Rosie Kerber and the photo on the right was taken by Anthony Arico.