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Heather Vincent
Associate Professor of Classics

Eckerd College
4200 54th Avenue South
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Classical Humanities

Classical Humanities

Special Topics

Barbarians in the Ancient World
Investigate how Greeks/Romans imagined the ancient world. How did they construct identity? How did they define the barbarian "other" living beyond the "civilized" world? How did notions of race/ethnicity shape political ideology?

Icon and Ideology in the Augustan Age
Investigate the political, social, literary and architectural programs that allowed Augustus to transform Rome from a republic fractured by civil war and social upheaval to a stable empire with a distinct and well-cultivated self identity.

Classical Themes in Film
Analyze the ways in which Greco-Roman myth, tragedy, and history survive and are recreated in contemporary media. Explore the enduring appeal of classical motifs and their implications for modern political and social issues.

Coming soon:

Classical Foundations of American Law
(Previously offered version: CL331H, Greek and Roman Foundations of Modern Law - Spring 2006)
A study of the Greek and Roman legal systems and how they came to influence the development of the American system of law.

Life After Eckerd

Classics graduates often pursue, but are not limited to, careers in business, education, government, and the non-profit sector. The classics major is also excellent preparation for graduate school.

Students Abroad

The photos at the top of this page were taken by students studying abroad. The photo on the left was taken by Rosie Kerber and the photo on the right was taken by Anthony Arico.