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Classical Humanities

Classical Humanities

The Classical Humanities Minor


The minor in Classical Humanities builds on and extends the introduction provided by the Human Experience course sequence. It offers a solid foundation in the Western humanities for anyone majoring in such fields as Literature, History, Art, Philosophy, or Religion. The minor also gives a broad perspective on the Western tradition to those majoring in the sciences or social sciences. Graduate and professional schools are increasingly recognizing the need for this broad humanistic focus.

The minor in Classical Humanities requires six courses drawn from any courses in classics, Greek, Latin, or ancient history and art. Two of the six courses required may be chosen from the courses in ancient philosophy listed below. One of the six required courses may be drawn from the list of courses in other disciplines also found below. In addition, certain winter term courses will qualify for the minor when offered: e.g. Myth into Art, Classical Mythology, The Journey of the Hero and the Lover, and overseas study in Greece and Rome.

With prior permission from the Discipline Coordinator in Classics, students may receive credit toward the minor for another related course not found below.

Two of the six required courses in the minor may be drawn from the following courses in ancient philosophy:

PL 101H Introduction to Philosophy
Independent Study of ancient philosophy
Courses in early Greek science and philosophy
PL 321H History of Philosophy: Greek and Roman

One of the six required courses in the minor may be drawn from the following courses in other disciplines:

LI 236H History of Drama I
Any course in Classical Art (See listings under "Art" and "Art History")

Life After Eckerd

Classics graduates often pursue, but are not limited to, careers in business, education, government, and the non-profit sector. The classics major is also excellent preparation for graduate school.

Students Abroad

The photos at the top of this page were taken by students studying abroad. The photo on the left was taken by Rosie Kerber and the photo on the right was taken by Anthony Arico.