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Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies

Active Student Groups

Students at Eckerd have the opportunity to actively participate in managing the campus environment through involvement in student-run organizations and clubs.

Earth SocietyEarth Society
Contact: Katie Denman

Eath Society is a student organization designed to provide environmental awareness to the Eckerd College community through student action. The Earth Society holds educational festivals, lobbies for habitat protection, organizes volunteer efforts such as habitat cleanups, and sponsors environmentally related social events.

Campus Sustainability CongressCampus Sustainability Congress
Contact: Andrea Willingham

Campus Sustainability Congress is a student group collecting ideas and resources from around campus to build the foundation for a new generation of environmental activism and sustainability at Eckerd College. By empowering fellow students to take leadership roles in making the changes they want to see, CSC hopes to build a stronger environmentally-focused community and actively work to make a lasting difference on the Eckerd campus and beyond.

The Garden ClubGarden Club
Contact: Sophia Cinnamon

The Garden Club maintains the native plants garden on campus next to the gym. The Club promotes the use of native plants in landscapes to minimize water demand and attract wildlife.

The Community Vegetable GardenThe Community Vegetable Garden
Contact: Leonora Stefanile

The Community Vegetable Garden started in January of 2010 when a group of students submitted a proposal for a sustainable vegetable garden on campus. After a generous gift, and support from Eckerd's dining services, Bon Appetit, planning began. Currently Eckerd has fifteen raised beds which are used for growing a variety of vegetables, and other edible plants. Learn more here.

The Recycling ProgramRecycling Program
Contact: Kathy Corradi

The Recycling Program at Eckerd College is student designed and run. A part time coordinator is paid by the Office of Service Learning. The Environmental Service Coordinator works with work-scholars and student volunteers to run the recycling program during the school year.

Eckerd College Association of Environmental Professionals (ECAEP)Palm Hamock
Contact: Kristina Krajcik

Eckerd College Association of Environmental Professionals (ECAEP) explores possible environmental careers through sponsoring monthly guest speakers as well as career panels.

Campus Wide Special Projects:

Land Preservation and Restoration
Students have preserved a pinelands/freshwater marsh on the eastern portion of the campus and are currently working to protect other areas. Students are active in planting on campus and removal of invasive species.

Administrative Committees
Students, faculty, and staff serve on the Environmental Affairs Committee that recommends polices for Eckerd College regarding its use of, and responsibilities concerning, the natural environment.

Life After Eckerd

Environmental Studies graduates use their Environmental Studies degree to launch careers in such diverse fields as environmental education, natural resource management, parks and recreation, environmental and urban planning, landscape architecture, environmental law and policy making, scientific journalism, public health, nature photography, nature filmmaking, and environmental art. Approximately 1/3 of all Environmental Studies graduates go on to graduate or professional school within 5 years of graduation.

Fiske Top Ten Environmental Studies School
Eckerd College has been selected as one of the top ten environmental studies schools in the Fiske Guide to Colleges 2011.