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Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies

Active Student Groups

Students at Eckerd have the opportunity to actively participate in managing the campus environment through involvement in student-run organizations and clubs.

Composting ProgramComposting

The composting program at Eckerd is student-designed and run. It began in 2011 and has been rapidly growing over the years. Composting bins are located in each complex lounge, at the main cafeteria and CEC caf, the Student Affairs office in Brown Hall and the Letters Collegium upstairs in Siebert. The Composting and Recycling programs share the new sustainability truck, purchased in Spring 2014.

Contact: Kendra Heiser, kaheiser@eckerd.edu

ECOS Environmental & Social Responsibility CommitteeECOS Environmental & Social Responsibility Committee

Originally, there was only the position as Environmental & Social Responsibility representative in the Eckerd College Organization of Students; starting in Fall 2013 the position expanded into a committee. The committee votes on where to allocate money from Eckerd’s Green Fund. The committee works on a wide variety of projects to help make Eckerd's campus more sustainable!

Contact: Alexandra Mezentsev, admezent@eckerd.edu

Garden ClubGarden Club Potluck

The EC Garden is a student-run and managed organic vegetable garden, which was founded in 2010. It currently consists of 15 raised garden beds growing a mix of perennial and annual herbs, greens, and vegetables along with a young orchard, which includes bananas, mangoes, citrus, mulberries, guavas, and more. The Garden has become an on-campus opportunity to implement environmental principles of sustainability and self-sufficiency by connecting us to our food! It is a chance to see the amount of labor that really goes into a plate of food and to explore our relationship with the environment. It is located near the soccer and baseball fields.

Contact: Derek Godshall, dkgodsha@eckerd.edu

Green TeamGreen Team Fort De Soto Clean up

Green Team is a club that strives to give members opportunities to work with local and national environmental campaigns, along with raising awareness and educating students through volunteer work and field trips. Green Team is the merging of Earth Society and Campus Sustainability Congress that took place in Spring 2014. Check out their Facebook page.

Contact: Selena Bachelder, sebachel@eckerd.edu

Recycling ProgramRecycling Cart

The Recycling Program at Eckerd College is student designed and run. Evan Bollier, Eckerd’s Sustainability Fellow, supervises the recycling program; his office is located in the Gamma Lounge. He works with work scholars and student volunteers to run the recycling program during the school year. The Recycling and Composting programs share the new Sustainability truck, purchased in spring 2014. The Recycling golf cart is equipped with a solar power radio (installed fall 2013).

Contact: Evan Bollier, bollieea@eckerd.edu

Campus Wide Special Projects:

Land Preservation and Restoration
Students have preserved a pinelands/freshwater marsh on the eastern portion of the campus and are currently working to protect other areas. Students are active in planting on campus and removal of invasive species.

Administrative Committees
Students, faculty, and staff serve on the Environmental Affairs Committee that recommends polices for Eckerd College regarding its use of, and responsibilities concerning, the natural environment.

Life After Eckerd

Molly Rockamann '03
NRDC Growing Green Award winner
Young Food Leader

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Fiske Guide to Colleges
Eckerd College has been recognized for environmental studies in the Fiske Guide to Colleges 2013.