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Ford Apprentice Scholars Program
Eckerd College
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Ford Apprentice Scholars Program

Ford Apprentice Scholars Program

Twenty-First Annual Ford Forum

Jeffrey Ackley
Divine Perceptions of Nature: The Potential Roles of Hinduism and Buddhism in Environmental Conservation

Jake Brock
Improving American Science Education Starting at Eckerd College

Kaleena Burgess
Pygmalion Pedagogy: Reevaluating Educators’ Expectations of Students

Jocelyn Cercone
The Role Elasmobranchs and Other Marine Animals Play in the Search for the Cure for Cancer

Ross Cohen
Adam’s Curse: The Art and Education of Poetry In Higher Education

Audrey Copeland
Social Marginalization and Liminality: Issues Surrounding Immigration and Possible Solutions

Zoe Friedman
The Impact of Collaborative Art in Higher Education

Grace Gair
Challenges of the 21st Century Require Technically and Ethically Skilled Labor

Lance Garner
From Black Faces to Gold Teeth: The Inscription of Racist Ideology

E. J. Green
Catharsis and the Creation of Order Through Writing

Scott Hale
Privacy Protections in Light of Emerging Technologies

Kelli Hoover
Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink

Sarah Levithol
Bridging the Gap in Archaeology

Drew Murray

Elizabeth Morra
To Teach or Not to Teach?

Courtney Nosach
Science and the General Public: Bridging the Gap
The Importance of Scientific Teaching in the Community

Caitlin Reade O Grady

Grant Olson
Aquaculture: the prospect of sustainability and feeding the masses

Amy Santee
“Hi. Will you fix my paper for me?”: Deconstructing the Myth-Conceptions of Students and Professors about the Role of the Writing Center at Eckerd College

Danielle Sutter
Paradigm Shifts in Charity: U.S. Foreign Aid and the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals

Iva Vasileva
In Quest for Justice: A Trial Without an End

Meet the Ford Scholars

Meet the Ford Scholars

Click here for a list of 25 years of Ford Scholars, including current 2013 and 2014 students.

25 Years of Ford Scholars

25 Years of Ford Scholars

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