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Ford Apprentice Scholars Program
Eckerd College
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Monday - Friday
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Ford Apprentice Scholars Program

Ford Apprentice Scholars Program

Twenty-Fourth Annual Ford Forum

Knowledge: Is There an App for That?

Liz Argento
Memory Filmed: Video Testimony and Documentary Film in the USHMM

Arya Poppema-Bannon
Eckerd College's QEP: A Dynamic Program in the Age of Benchmarks

Ena Begovic
The Effects of Social Networks on the StudentTeacher Relationship

John Celestin
Public Education in America: How our Leaders Can Reinvigorate our Public School System

Kristine Crowe
Virtual Culture: The Psychology of Cyberspace

Kate Hamilton
Meritocracy and Social Inequality: How Economic Ideologies Threaten the Meaning of Higher Education

Kelly Henry
Math Can Be Fun: Pedagogical Improvements in Math Education 

Becca Hutchinson
"Work Smarter, Not Harder": How technology has contributed to college corner cutting

Kate Johnson 
The Uses of Technology in Elementary Education 

Lukas Kucinski
Education in the Technological Age: A Philosophical Analysis

Sean Lawlor
Becoming a Global Citizen in 21st Century Academia

Zoe O'Donoghue
"Friend Me": The Impacts of Technology on Human Interaction

Sarah Partin
Staying Connected: The Use of Synchronous Video in Higher Education

Danielle Lutfi-Proctor
The Demographics of College Students

Elizabeth Renihan
"Intertexuality" and Intellectual Property: Changing Views on Plagiarism

Tara Roeder
The Trouble With Change: understanding the need for the thing I hate that keeps us balanced

Rob Skoumal
The Invention of New Science

Lauren Van Woudenberg
Residential Collegiate Housing: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Living and Working in the Same Environment

Elena Weinberg
Examining Gender Differences in Academia

Spencer Weiss
Changes in Pedagogy: Building Community in the Online Classroom

Mary Wilks
Online Social Networking's Effect on Adolescent Social Development

Meet the Ford Scholars

Meet the Ford Scholars

Click here for a list of 25 years of Ford Scholars, including current 2013 and 2014 students.

25 Years of Ford Scholars

25 Years of Ford Scholars

Click here to learn more about the history of the Ford Scholar program at Eckerd and see photos.