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Ford Apprentice Scholars Program
Eckerd College
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Ford Apprentice Scholars Program

Ford Apprentice Scholars Program

Twenty-Sixth Annual Ford Forum

The Junior Ford Scholars sponsor an annual forum for the Eckerd community. Topics focus on major issues in their disciplines and in higher education.

Twenty-Sixth Annual Ford Forum

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Michelle Breault
The Impacts of American Educational Paradigms: Limited Space for Genuine Learning

Erik Brydges
Extreme thought: A building block for innovation

Ashleen Brydum
"You're Special"; The Gifted Child as the Other

Maria Castro
"The function of freedom is to free someone else": Overcoming Oppression in Developing Countries Through the Humanities

Rachel Feinberg
Understanding Online Education and its Impact on Higher Education

Geoffrey L. Fella
The Sensual Classroom 

Olivia Kim
Socialization in Education

Katie Lantz
The Illegality of People, The Exploitation of Immigrant Labor, and The Humanities

Zachary Means
Extreme Thinkers of the Past and Present

Christine Michael
Education for ADHD Youth Without the Need for Drugs

Claire Miller
Science, Liberal Arts, and Cultural Citizenship

Wyatt McMurry
To Talk or Not to Talk?: Toward a Discussion-Leading Pedagogy

Hayley Musial
Reforming Education: Encouraging Physician Moral Development in a World of Innovative Biotechnology

Katherine Pemberton
What's a Major Got to Do With It? Exploring the Roles of Traditionalism, Passion and Sensibility in Higher Education

Amanda Sosnowski
Ocean Literacy: "Fishing" Down the Food Web

Chantal Van Ginkel
The Importance of Language: Speaking Across Boundaries

Sierra Voss
Redefining Higher Education: The Need For Sustainable Education

Miranda Watrous
Transcending Creative Boundaries in Higher Education

Meet the Ford Scholars

Meet the Ford Scholars

Click here for a list of 25 years of Ford Scholars, including current 2013 and 2014 students.

25 Years of Ford Scholars

25 Years of Ford Scholars

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