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A Major in French or a double major in French and another discipline offers students the opportunity to become fluent in the language while studying the principal francophone cultures of the world. The major in French consists of nine courses and a comprehensive examination or, with faculty approval, a senior thesis/project. One of the nine courses must be 400-level. All French majors must take FR 380H Introduction to French Culture and FR 370G The Francophone World. French majors are expected to speak the language well enough to be rated at the Intermediate High-level of proficiency as defined by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), and are therefore strongly urged to spend at least one semester abroad. The Office of International Education will assist students in identifying appropriate programs. Please note that all study abroad must be approved by language faculty and cleared by the registrar. Students are also encouraged to participate in Eckerd's language-intensive winter terms offered in France or other francophone regions. Students who are exempt from the two-semester general education language requirement must complete eight courses above the 102 level and the comprehensive exam or senior thesis/project.

Majors who transfer credit (from the U.S. or abroad) are required to take at least one advanced course (beyond FR 302H) at Eckerd. Native speakers who wish to major in French must take eight courses above the 302H level and complete the comprehensive examination or, with faculty approval, a senior thesis/project.

Students who major in International Business, International Relations and Global Affairs, or International Studies are strongly encouraged to develop double majors with a modern language. All of the international disciplines have an extensive language requirement for their majors, and students would in most cases already be near the completion of a language major by the time they graduate.

Proficiency in a foreign language and knowldge of its cultural context will increase employability and opportunities for graduate study and will prepare students for our increasingly globalized society.

Many of our majors continue the study of language at the graduate level. Language majors pursue a variety of careers in education, law, government, journalism, and business.

The minor in French consists of five courses which must include FR 301H Composition and Conversation I or a higher level course. Minors who transfer credit (from the U.S. or abroad) are required to take at least one course at the 300 or 400 level at Eckerd. Native speakers who wish to minor in French must take four courses above the 302H level.

Students Studying Abroad


Spring 2014
Olivia Cook / Rennes (ISEP)
Claire Pfeiffer / Dakar (CIEE)
Nora Schuchert / Dakar (CIEE)

Fall 2012
Laurie Horning / Paris (CIEE)
Jules Kingery / Suisse (ISEP)
Sarah Larsen / Suisse (ISEP)
Nora O'Keefe / Amiens (ISEP)
Chantal Van Ginkel / Nice (ISEP)
Blair Weeks / Montpellier (ISEP)
Katie Wells / Savoie (ISEP)

Spring 2012
Michelle Phillips | Amiens (ISEP)
Miranda Rivera | Aix-Marseilles (ISEP)
Carlyn Scott | La Réunion (ISEP)

Fall 2011
Ali Avery | Rennes (ISEP)
Sarah Malhotra | Savoie (ISEP)
Jasmine Soulé | Aix-en-Provence (IAU)
Frances Wilson | Aix-en-Provence (IAU)
Sarah Wolfhope | Nice (ISEP)

Study Abroad