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Ali Avery is a senior at Eckerd College. She is currently finishing up a double major in International Relations and French with a minor in History. Ali traveled abroad to France through the CIEE program for the fall semester of her junior year. There, she lived with a host family in Rennes, Brittany. Along with a group of 27 other Americans from all over the US, Ali completed six different courses taught in French. The courses varied from economics, history, and literature to grammar and culture. She additionally taught English in a local primary school to two different classes of students, ages six to seven. Ali is from Cumberland, Maine where she first began her study of French at age seven. She increasingly developed her passion for French language and culture studies in high school where she also realized her love for international relations and travel. After graduation, Ali hopes to spend a year with an internship at an NGO, at USAID or another international aid organization. After this, she plans to go on to graduate school and obtain her Masters in Human Rights and International Law. She then hopes to find her dream job of working for the UN doing peacekeeping and genocide mediation in Africa.

StudentProfiles-Ali from Lee Hilliker on Vimeo.

Corie Charpentier is a senior at Eckerd College. She is completing a double major in marine science and French and a minor in chemistry. She spent January, 2011 in Montpellier, France with a group of Eckerd students, studying French culture and language. Corie is originally from Rhode Island, where she first acquired her zeal for dthe study of marine life. She plans to attend graduate school and pursue research in coral reef restoration and climate change effects.

Student Profiles-Corie from Lee Hilliker on Vimeo.

Blair is a junior from Jacksonville, Florida, studying psychology and foreign languages (French and Japanese specifically). He has studied French since middle school and intends to study abroad in Montpellier, a well-known city in the south of France. He has also taken courses in visual arts and linguistics at Eckerd. He is a member of the Aquaria Enthusiast Club and RGYL, a group of students who convene to talk about languages and linguistics. Blair is also one of Eckerd's student ambassadors.

Student Profiles-Blair from Lee Hilliker on Vimeo.


The following short films were done by students in French 302H, Composition and Conversation II. They wrote and edited the essays, which were then recorded along with images of the Eckerd campus.

Eckerd-la nature1 (Mirou, Sarah L, JulieAnne) from Lee Hilliker on Vimeo.

Eckerd-la nature2 (Nora, SarahW, Michelle) from Lee Hilliker on Vimeo.

Eckerd-la nature3 (Alex, Jen, Ali) from Lee Hilliker on Vimeo.

Eckerd-la nature4 (Katie, Nikita, Sarah M, Sydney) from Lee Hilliker on Vimeo.

Students Studying Abroad


Spring 2014
Olivia Cook / Rennes (ISEP)
Claire Pfeiffer / Dakar (CIEE)
Nora Schuchert / Dakar (CIEE)

Fall 2012
Laurie Horning / Paris (CIEE)
Jules Kingery / Suisse (ISEP)
Sarah Larsen / Suisse (ISEP)
Nora O'Keefe / Amiens (ISEP)
Chantal Van Ginkel / Nice (ISEP)
Blair Weeks / Montpellier (ISEP)
Katie Wells / Savoie (ISEP)

Spring 2012
Michelle Phillips | Amiens (ISEP)
Miranda Rivera | Aix-Marseilles (ISEP)
Carlyn Scott | La Réunion (ISEP)

Fall 2011
Ali Avery | Rennes (ISEP)
Sarah Malhotra | Savoie (ISEP)
Jasmine Soulé | Aix-en-Provence (IAU)
Frances Wilson | Aix-en-Provence (IAU)
Sarah Wolfhope | Nice (ISEP)

Study Abroad