General Education

General Education

Social Activities and Community Building

A robust schedule of campus events during Autumn Term allows you to discover the variety of ways to get active and involved on campus. The Campus Activities Office serves as a hub for intellectual, recreational, social, spiritual, leadership and employment opportunities all across campus. Campus Activities is responsible for the fitness center, the outdoor pool, intramural sports, Palmetto Productions (activities board), The Current (newspaper), WECX (radio station), group fitness classes, ECOS (Eckerd College Organization of Students), student clubs and student organizations.

The Autumn Term schedule isn't all just fun and games though. During Autumn Term, you will have opportunities to participate in out-of-the-classroom activities related to community service, multicultural understanding, leadership development, fitness and wellness, the environment and spiritual development. You will document and reflect upon what you learn through these activities by creating an Autumn Term Portfolio. This Portfolio will consist of five worksheets that you must complete and a Stamped Event Chart to document your participation in a minimum of 15 Autumn Term Stamped Events.

So what are some of these required events that you must attend and which ones do I get to pick and choose? Here is a small sampling from recent Autumn Terms.

Required Events Stamped Events
Succeeding at Eckerd College Trip to Fort DeSoto
Healthy Expectations Yellow Bike Launch Party
Appreciating Differences Creative Chaos
Changing the Conversation The Internet is a Scar Place
Amazing Race: Library Edition Sex at Seven

What is Autumn Term?