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Adam M. Guerin

Assistant Professor of History

Adam GuerinOffice:  FT 239
Phone: 727-864-8281


  • Ph.D., the University of California, Irvine (2009): Dissertation, "'Beneath the Muslim Peel': racial science, French native policy, and the question of nationalism in colonial Morocco, 1900-1939"
  • M.A., the University of California, Irvine (2005)
  • B.A., the University of Idaho (2002)

Research Interests

My research interests span a wide range of social, political and environmental topics within the field of French colonial history. My research agenda focuses on colonial law, ethnography, anti-colonial revolt and the built environment of rural Morocco. I am primarily interested in ethno-spatial-legal boundaries in North Africa and the relationship between rural modernization and French ontologies of environmental thrift and resource stewardship, particularly issues relating to Moroccan land and water rights. I am currently working on a book manuscript that brings together my interests in rural modernization, the environment and anti-colonial revolt in Morocco. The idea that the environment was at issue between colonial enthusiasts and anti-colonial activists has only recently been given serious consideration and I hope that my book will contribute to an emerging sub-field of French colonial/North African scholarship.

Courses Taught

[HIS316] France and the Islamic World
[HIS324] Empire and the Environment
[WT15] War and Memory in French-Algerian Film
[HIS234] The Twentieth-Century World
[HIS218] Societies and Cultures of the Modern Middle East
[HIS206] Making History: The French Revolution
[HIS202] The European Experience

Selected Articles

“Disaster Ecologies: Land, Peoples and the Colonial Modern in the Gharb, Morocco, 1911-1936” Journal of Social and Economic History of the Orient 59, 3 (forthcoming, 2016).

“‘Not a drop for the settlers’: reimagining popular protest and anti-colonial nationalism in the Moroccan Protectorate,” Journal of North African Studies 20, 2 (2015): 225-246.

"Racial Myth, Colonial Policy, and the Invention of Customary Law in Morocco, 1912-1930," The Journal of North African Studies 16, 3 (2011): 361-380.

Selected Reviews

Rami Ginat, "Syria and the Doctrine of Arab Neutralism: from independence to dependence," in Insight Turkey 13, 3 (2011): 226.

James Barr,"A Line in the Sand: The Anglo-French Struggle for the Middle East, 1914-1948," H-France Review 12, 111 (August 2012).

Ellen Amster, “Medicine and the Saints: Science, Islam, and the Colonial Encounter in Morocco, 1877-1956,” The Social History of Medicine 27, 3 (2014): 604-606.

Life After Eckerd

History is probably the most flexible and far ranging of all the Humanities disciplines. It is excellent preparation for a wide variety of fields - law, teaching, business, public service, journalism, and even medicine. Increasingly, both the private sector and graduate schools are looking for applicants who have broad interests and backgrounds, rather than narrow field specialization.

The Eckerd Difference

Daria Hall "Eckerd has helped me grow and blossom as a person. I have learned to manage the good and bad and still excel in life. Eckerd is all about unique experiences." - Daria Hall, History major