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Human Development

Human Development

Program Overview

classHuman Development is an interdisciplinary major integrating aspects of psychology, education, sociology, anthropology, ethics, and other disciplines. The major allows you to choose an area of emphasis (clinical, global, developmental, creative arts, and health and wellness) that serves as a strong foundation for entering paraprofessional work in the helping professions as well as for many types of careers where it is essential to work effectively with people. The major also prepares you for graduate study in a wide range of areas including counseling, education, social work, public health, law and many other fields. The program incorporates interactive study, hands-on coursework, international research and a multitude of domestic and international internship opportunities.

internationalHuman Development graduates pursue a wide array of graduate study and career opportunities. Among recent graduates there are math teachers, school psychologists, Peace Corps volunteers, college basketball coaches and public health workers. They have earned advanced degrees in health administration, law, social work, education and developmental psychology at distinguished universities like Boston College, Tulane University, University of Florida and University of Colorado-Boulder. The Human Development major truly embodies the liberal arts ideal of a well rounded student by encouraging creativity and individuality while emphasizing professionalism and ethical practice.

Students are expected to challenge individual assumptions and clarify personal values. Although the Human Development faculty does not subscribe to a single theoretical model, there is a fundamental belief in viewing the individual as an integrated whole of mind, body and spirit. Additionally, there is focus on the significance of the human environment, the interconnectedness of all life, and a dedication to the broad spectrum of prevention and enhancement at both the individual and community levels.

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Life After Eckerd

A degree in Human Development is the key to a variety of careers such as school counselor, health promotion specialist, substance abuse counselor, clinical social worker, rehabilitation counselor, psychotherapist in private practice, youth program director, child development specialist, human resources coordinator, and a host of others.

The Eckerd Difference

James Branch Phoebe McGuire
Two Human Development majors share their opinions on all things Eckerd.