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Human Development

Human Development


HD 101S: Introduction to Human Development
Theoretical and practical study of life stages; focus on physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. Exploration of normal developmental concerns over the life span with particular emphasis on how they are addressed by the helping professions.

HD 203: The Adolescent Experience
Theories and research in adolescent physical, cognitive, and social development. Psychosocial challenges of adolescence. Prerequisite: HD 101S, PS 101S.

HD 204: Socialization: Study of Gender
Theories and research on gender identity, roles, and stereotypes. Emphasis on role of society and culture and their complex interaction with biology and cognition. Prerequisites: HD 101S or PS 101S or SO 101S.

HD 207S: Group Dynamics
Laboratory approach to the study of groups, including participation, observation and analysis; investigation of roles of group members, transitional stages, leadership, and group functioning.

HD 208E: Your Health and the Environment
Socioecological model of health addresses ways in which human health is influenced by both environmental and personal factors. Focus on the national initiative Healthy Campus 2010 and promotion of health in the campus community.

HD 209: Family Systems
Using a family systems paradigm, this course explores classic and contemporary theoretical perspectives on the family, contemporary issues impacting the family, the evolving family life cycle, and family therapy perspectives and techniques. Prerequisites: HD101S or PS101S.

HD 210: Counseling Strategies: Theory and Practice
Overview of counseling process and career exploration in the helping professions. Focus on psychotherapeutic approaches. For students planning to use counseling related skills in their careers. Prerequisite: HD 101S or PS 101S.

HD 214S: Human Trafficking
Human trafficking is a major international crime. This course examines trafficking for prostitution, begging. domestic work, field/factory labor, adoption, soldiering , and organs. Cultural factors will be assessed.

HD 216G: Global Children's Issues
International perspective on poverty-based children's problems. Topics include housing, parenting and childcare, education, child labor, child soldiers, child trafficking, and health. In-depth study of developing countries.

HD 225: Introduction to Social Work
Introduction to profession, practice, history and value bases of social work. Examination of social welfare issues as they relate to the field of social work. Prerequisite: HD 101S. Not offered every year.

HD 271: Practicum in Wellness Programming
Fundamentals of developing, implementing, and evaluating educational wellness programs for targeted groups to increase awareness and promote positive health behavior changes. Permission of instructor.

HD 314: Creative Arts Therapies
A multi-model approach to learning the history, theory, and practice of the creative arts therapies. Students will develop skills appropriate for undergrduates in art, music, dance, drama, and narrative therapy techniques. Signature required.

HD 327: Research Methods in Human Development
Develop skills in reading and understanding empirical research, specifically methodology, assessment, evaluation, and statistical issues. Develop skills in writing a literature review in APA style. Prerequisites: HD 101S, HD 210, and statistics.

HD 328: Crosscultural Communication and Counseling
Identify elements of culture and their influence on worldview, language, contextual expectations in communication. Basic principles regarding cognitive, affective, verbal, non-verbal dimensions of communication. Theories of cultural identity development and multicultural counseling. Experiential practice. Prerequisite: HD 210 and Junior or Senior standing.

HD 386: Ethical Issues in Human Development
Development of "ethical fitness" based on model from the Institute for Global Ethics. Analysis and resolution strategies and resources applied to personal and professional ethical dilemmas. Prerequisite: HD 210.

HD 387: Forensics and Human Behavior
Major topics include criminal profiling, eyewitness identification, suggestibility, lie detection, jury selection, the insanity defense, competency to stand trial, expert testimony and ethical issues. Prerequisites: HD 101S or PS 101S; SO 160M or PS 200M.

HD 401: Internship in Human Development
A field-based learning experience; 195 on-site hours in off- campus placements, such as centers for drug abuse, delinquency, women's services, mental health and schools. Bi-weekly seminar. Prerequisites: Senior standing and permission of instructor.

HD 403: Practicum in Peer Counseling
Developing skills in interviewing, assessing individual problems and strengths. Role play and audiotaped counseling sessions, supervised counseling experience appropriate to student's level. Audio or video tape recorder required. Prerequisite: HD 210, Senior standing, and permission of instructor.

HD 404: Leadership and Administrative Dynamics
Basic principles and distinctiveness of human service organizations, administrative tools and techniques, and leadership theory and development. Prerequisites: HD 327 and Junior or Senior standing.

HD 405: Practicum in Group Process
Theory, process and applications of group development and group counseling strategies. Lab practice of effective group membership and leadership behaviors. In class videotaping and additional group observation project. Prerequisites: HD 207S, HD 210, Senior standing, and permission of instructor.

HD 498: Comprehensive Examination

HD 499: Senior Thesis

Life After Eckerd

A degree in Human Development is the key to a variety of careers such as school counselor, health promotion specialist, substance abuse counselor, clinical social worker, rehabilitation counselor, psychotherapist in private practice, youth program director, child development specialist, human resources coordinator, and a host of others.

The Eckerd Difference

James Branch Phoebe McGuire
Two Human Development majors share their opinions on all things Eckerd.