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Human Development

Human Development

Graduate School Application Process

Choice of career - Narrow down choices by consulting with your mentor, Career Services Office, and professionals in fields of interest to you.

Information Resources

  • Grad School Program Files in CRA for HD majors
  • Dictionary of Occupational Title - Career Services
  • Write to professional and certifying organizations for most current requirements and trends in the career field
  • Read professional journals and newsletters in CRA Resource Room

Decision Time

  • Narrow choices to one or two career fields and complete research efforts started during Junior year.
  • Decide to which graduate school programs you will apply. Consider the following:
    *Quality of program - accredited preferred
    *Focus or "fit" of program with your particular interests and needs
    *Geographic area
    *Competition for admission
    *Availability of grad assistantships and financial need
  • Choose at least 3 programs based on probability of admission - certain, moderately certain, uncertain
  • Write to schools and obtain catalog, admission materials, and financial aid information
  • Register for either October or December GRE
  • Begin to study or enroll in class to prepare

GRE - Take GRE or Practice GRE Exam

Gather information - Continue dialog with mentor, discuss grad school options and programs when information arrives

Final decision

  • Decide on at least 3 grad schools to which you will apply. Do back-up plan of at least 3 more programs. Call grad programs and ask any further questions regarding fit between your interests and their program, any prerequisites you may need
Letters of Recommendation (Letter of Recommendation Request form-pdf)
  • Ask 3 professors who know you well and have had you in class to write letters of recommendation for grad school - give them at least 3 weeks notice before due date and provide all helpful information to them.

GRE - Take GRE

Application Process
  • Begin filling out application forms and gathering necessary information.
  • Remember all applications must be accompanied by a fee which varies with each institution.

January and February
Mail applications

  • Check deadlines carefully and plan to mail applications no later than 2 weeks before actual deadline. Make sure letters of recommendation have been mailed by professors or note those applications which have the professor return the form/letter to students to be sent with application.
  • Many deadlines are January 15, February 1, and February 15 so plan ahead! Check on deadlines for Financial Aid if they are different from application deadlines.

March, April, May
Wait and remain optimistic!

Make alternative plans
  • Consider other options, such as work in the human service field, PEACE CORPS, AMERICORPS, and VISTA programs, or Student Conservation Association work.
Make final decision - Graduate school or another option!

Life After Eckerd

A degree in Human Development is the key to a variety of careers such as school counselor, health promotion specialist, substance abuse counselor, clinical social worker, rehabilitation counselor, psychotherapist in private practice, youth program director, child development specialist, human resources coordinator, and a host of others.

The Eckerd Difference

James Branch Phoebe McGuire
Two Human Development majors share their opinions on all things Eckerd.