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International Studies

International Studies


IS 498: Comprehensive Examination Project

IS 499: Senior Thesis

Recommended Disciplines:


AN 206G: Cultural Anthropology
AN 220E: Cultural Geography
AN 230S: Linguistic Anthropology
AN 252S: Urban Anthropology
AN 289S: Gender: Cross-Cultural Perspective
AN 318S: Culture, Politics, and Food
AN 333S: Anthropological Research Methods
AN 335E: Cultural Ecology
AN 338S: Anthropology and Religion
AN 339S: Development Anthropology
AN 341S: Medical Anthropology


AR 101A Visual Problem Solving
AR 102A Drawing Fundamentals
AR 222A Clay I
AR 228 Painting Workshop
AR 229A Photography as Image Gathering
AR 241 Intermediate Drawing
AR 242A Introduction to Museum Studies
AR 244 Digital Photography
AR 245A Arts Marketing
AR 246 The Figure
AR 303 Asian Art and Techniques
AR 307 Clay and Glaze Chemistry
AR 308 Throwing on the Potter’s Wheel
AR 309 Ceramic Sculpture
AR 310 New Genre Art
AR 311 Sculpture
AR 320 Studio Critique
AR 322 Advanced Photography Critique
AR 325 Monotype
AR 327 Painting Workshop II
AR 328 Painting Workshop III
AR 340 Museum Studies II
AR 341A Museum Laboratory
AR 342 Introduction to Graphic Design
AR 343 Introduction to Computer Art
AR 344 Computer Art II
AR 346 The Art of Web Page Design
AR 347 Experimental Photography.
AR 348 Experimental Film and Video
AR 349 Animation on the WEB
AR 420 Studio Critique

Art History

AH 103A Art of the Western World
AH 203A Arts of the Silk Road
AH 208A History of Architecture
AH 209A Ancient Art
AH 221A Art of Japan
AH 317 American Art
AH 319 Nineteenth-Century Art
AH 320 Twentieth-Century Art
AH 321 Topics in Contemporary Art
AH 322 History of Photography


CM 101 Introduction to Communication Theory
CM 121 Fundamentals of Oral Communication
CM 221A Media and Society
CM 223 Argumentation and Debate
CM 303A Propaganda and Persuasion
CM 306 Gender, Sexuality, and Media
CM 308 Organizational Communication
CM 310 Health Communication
CM 312 Public Relations:
Theory and Practice
CM 320 Rhetorical Theory
CM 360A Media Ethics


EC 201S Introductory Economics of the Environment
EC 281S Principles of Microeconomics
EC 282S Principles of Macroeconomics
EC 301S Leadership: The Human Side of Economics
EC 370 Industrial Organization
EC 371 Economics of Labor Markets
EC 373 Natural Resource Economics
EC 374 Environmental Economics
EC 381 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
EC 382 Intermediate Macroeconomics
EC 384 Managerial Economics
EC 386 Money, Banking, and Financial Institutions on the Federal Reserve
EC 388 Economic Development
EC 460 Econometrics
EC 480 International Economics:
Foreign Exchange
EC 481 International Economics: Trade

Environmental Studies

ES 172 Introduction to Environmental Studies
ES 211N Introduction to Earth Science
ES 216 Introduction to Coastal Management
ES 270N Introduction to Environmental Biology
ES 280 Environmental Education
ES 314E Environment in American Thought
ES 315S Wildlife Policy
ES 317N Global Environmental Change
ES 321S Marine Protected Species
ES 341N GIS for Environmental Studies
ES 342 Remote Sensing
ES 344H Nature and Popular Culture
ES 345H Environmental Ethics & Justice
ES 351E Influential Environmental Writers
ES 372N Estuaries
ES 460 Coastal Hazards: Science and Management
ES 461 Coastal Ecosystem-based Management
ES 480 Advanced Policy of Protected Areas
ES 481 Advanced Ecotourism Policy and Practices
ES 482 Sacred Sites: Conservation and Management
ES 493 Sustainable Cities

Film Studies

CN 302H East meets West: Chinese Cinema
FI 224G International Cinema: The World through Film
FR 250 or FR 450 French Cinema
PL 246H Philosophy and Film
RU 282G Russian Society through Cinema
SP 312H Latin American Culture in Film
CN 228G Chinese Martial Arts in Literature and Film
FI 204A The Horror Film
FI 306H Theories of Film
FR 307H Literature and Film in Postwar France
IT 306H Italian Film and Literature
LI 329H Literature, Myth, and Cinema
LI 348H Literature and Film after Auschwitz
PL 263H Aesthetics
PL 246H Philosophy and Film
SP 308H Film and Literature: Spanish Civil War
SP 310H Literature, Film and Art: Lorca, Buñuel, Dali


HI 202H The European Experience
HI 205H The American Experience
HI 206H Making History
HI 210H European Women
HI 232G World History to Columbus
HI 233G Global History in the Modern World
HI 234G The Twentieth Century World
HI 325E Western Myth and the Environment
HI 333H History of the Vietnam War
HI 353E Environmental History
HI 354E Environmental History - Europe
HI 360G Modern Africa
HI 361H Modern France wars, imperialism, and the end of empire.
HI 362H European Empires from 1830
HI 363H The Renaissance
HI 364H The Reformation
HI 366H Inside Nazi Germany
HI 368H Modern German History
HI 370H Sex and Power: European Thought
HI 372G World War II
SP 301H History and Culture of the Hispanic World

Human Development

HD 101S Introduction to Human Development
HD 203 The Adolescent Experience
HD 204 Socialization: Study of Gender
HD 207S Group Dynamics
HD 208E Your Health and the Environment
HD 209 Family Systems
HD 210 Counseling Strategies: Theory and Practice
HD 214S Human Trafficking
HD 216G Global Children’s Issues
HD 225 Introduction to Social Work
HD 314 Creative Arts Therapies
HD 324 Counseling Strategies with Children
HD 326 Counseling for Wellness
HD 327 Research Methods in Human Development
HD 328 Crosscultural Communication and Counseling
HD 386 Ethical Issues in Human Development
HD 387 Forensics and Human Behavior
HD 401 Internship in Human Development
HD 404 Leadership and Administrative Dynamics

International Business

IB 210S Students in a Free Enterprise
IB 260S Cultural Environment of International Business
IB 261S International Management
IB 321S Consumer Behavior and Consumerism
IB 369S Principles of Marketing
IB 373 Marketing Communications
IB 374 Market Intelligence
IB 378 Investment Finance
IB 401 Internship in International Business
IB 410 Senior Seminar: Issues in International Business
IB 475 Investment Analysis
IB 480 Proctoring in International Business
IB 485 International Marketing
IB 486 International Finance and Banking
IB 498 Multinational Corporate Strategy

Literature /Comparative Literature

LI 212H Introduction to Comparative Literature
LI 214H Literature and Women
LI 236H History of Drama I
LI 237H History of Drama II
LI 244G Postcolonial Literature
LI 281H Rise of the Novel
LI 282H The Modern Novel
LI 329H Literature, Myth, and Cinema
LI 340H Literature and Art of the Great War
LI 344H Literature, Art, & Ideas: 1850-1950
LI 348H Literature after Auschwitz
LI 372 Tragedy and Comedy
LI 361 Literary Criticism
CN 208G Gender and Sexuality in Asian Literature.
CN 268A Love and Justice in Chinese Theater
CN 301H Heroes and Anti-Heroes in Chinese Literature
FR 404 Themes In French Literature
JA 307G Modern Japanese Literature: Self and Society
SP 401 Spanish Literature: Modern Novel
SP 403 Spanish Literature: Modern Drama
SP 406 Spanish Contemporary Narrative
SP 407 Hispanic Women Writers
SP 408 Latin American Literature: Reinventing Fiction
SP 409 Latin America: Human Rights Literature
SP 412 Cuban Literature


MU 101A Music Fundamentals
MU 145A Tonal Theory Ia
MU 146 Tonal Theory Ib
MU 221A Introduction to Music Literature
MU 326E American Musical Landscape
MU 332A Topics in Music Literature
MU 341A Renaissance and Baroque Music
MU 342 Classic Period Music
MU 356G World Music
MU 361 Advanced Tonal Harmony
MU 443 Romantic Music
MU 444 Modern Music

Political Science

PO 102S: Introduction to American National Government & Politics
PO 103G: Introduction to International Relations
PO 104G: Introduction to Comparative Politics
PO 200S: Diplomacy and International Relations
PO 201S: Power, Authority and Virtue
PO 202E: Public Policymaking in America
PO 211G: Inter-American Relations
PO 212S: U.S. Foreign Policy
PO 221S: Politics of Revolution and Development
PO 222: Political Ideologies
PO 223S: American Political Thought
PO 231G: East Asian Comparative Politics
PO 232G: The Pacific Century
PO 241S: International Political Economy
PO 242S: Politics of Defense: Economics and Power
PO 243S: Human Rights and International Law
PO 251S: The Media and Foreign Policy
PO 252S: Middle East Politics
PO 260M: Political Science Research Methods
PO 263G: North African Politics
PO 301S: Constitution and Government Power
PO 302S: Constitution and Individual Rights
PO 303S: The American Presidency
PO 304S: U.S. Congress
PO 305S: Political Parties and Interest Groups
PO 311G: Latin American Politics
PO 313: Politics of the European Union
PO 315: Theories of War and Peace
PO 316G: Women and Politics Worldwide
PO 321S: Comparative European Politics
PO 322S: Authoritarian Political Systems
PO 323S: Seminar in Democratic Theory
PO 324: East European Politics
PO 325S: Environment Politics and Policy
PO 333: Japan: Government, Politics, Foreign Policy
PO 335S: Government and Politics of China
PO 336S: East Asian International Relations
PO 341: Ethics and International Relations
PO 342S: Hunger, Plenty, and Justice
PO 343S: International Environmental Law
PO 351: National Security Policy
PO 352G: The Globalization Debate
PO 362G: MidEast Conflicts and Wars.
PO 363G: Middle East Political Economy
PO 364: Islam and Human Rights
PO 421S: Comparative Judicial Politics


PS 101S: Introduction to Psychology
PS 200: Statistics and Research Design I.
PS 201M: Statistics and Research Design II
PS 202: Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence
PS 205: Human Learning and Cognition
PS 209: Abnormal Psychology
PS 234: Health Psychology
PS 302: Social Psychology
PS 306: Personality Theory and Research
PS 309: Biopsychology
PS 312: Psychology of Interpersonal Conflict
PS 345S: Psychology of Male/Female Relations


SO 101S: Introduction to Sociology
SO 160M: Statistical Methods
SO 210: Social Stratification
SO 220: The City
SO 221: Juvenile Delinquency
SO 224S: Criminology
SO 234: Self and Society
SO 235: Deviance.
SO 260: Qualitative Methods
SO 269: Sociology of Art
SO 280G: Time and Temporal Systems
SO 320: Theories of Society
SO 324S: Introduction to Criminal Justice
SO 326: Family and Contemporary Society
SO 335: Social Interaction
SO 360: Research Design
SO 420: Sociology of Culture
SO 435: Social Construction of Reality.


TH 101A: The Human Instrument
TH 145A: Design Basics
TH 161A: Stagecraft
TH 163A: Basic Acting
TH 202A: Improvisation
TH 233A: Plays in Performance
TH 235A: Theatre Production
TH 245: Scene Design
TH 257: Advanced Acting
TH 263A: Technical Theatre
TH 282A: Performance and Design History
TH 333A: Play Reading
TH 372: Directing
TH 473: Advanced Directing

Fiske Guide 2013

For a second year in a row, Fiske recognizes Eckerd's strength in International Studies. Eckerd was noted on a list that Fiske defines as one of "today's hottest interdisciplinary majors:" International Studies.
Fiske Guide to Colleges 2013.

Student Scholars

Lorel Schmitzberger, an International Studies and Anthropology double majorLorel Schmitzberger with a minor in German, is one of eighteen Ford Apprentice Scholars college-wide.
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