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International Studies

International Studies

Students in Action

Katherine PaceKatherine Pace '16, is an International Studies and Spanish double major who has already spent a Winter Term studying Spanish intensively in Madrid, Spain and plans to return to Spain in the spring of 2015 for her semester abroad. Katherine chose an International Studies major because she enjoys traveling while learning about and examining the cultures and histories of other countries. With a focus in Anthropology, she hopes to gain a deeper knowledge of the important aspects of Spanish culture and society. In the future, she plans to apply for the Fulbright Scholarship to teach English abroad for a year upon graduation.

Margaret ThompsonMargaret Thompson graduated in 2012 with an International Studies major with a focus on Latin America, and a minor in Visual Arts. Her International Studies major prepared her to understand Latin America's rich history and the language variety of the Hispanic world. At Eckerd, Margaret was greatly stimulated and challenged in her Spanish language and culture classes and took advantage of study abroad opportunities in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and London, England. Being an avid traveler, during her time at Eckerd she also traveled to Morocco, Peru, Scotland, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. Her immediate plans include further travels, especially throughout Latin America and Spain, and moving to the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula to teach English to Mayan students and lead community art programs at a Non-Profit and language institute. Margaret wishes to become fully bilingual in Spanish and study the Maya language to enrich her communication skills with the local population as well as engage in Maya traditions and lifestyle.

Lorel SchmitzbergerLorel Schmitzberger, an International Studies and Anthropology double major with a minor in German, is one of just 18 students college-wide to be selected for the prestigious Ford Apprentice Scholars program. She conducted ethnographic research in the Czech Republic during summer 2012, and she plans to study in Germany or Austria during spring 2013. Lorel will participate in a two-year colloquium designed to develop the skills and habits of professional scholars, and she will undertake a collaborative research project during the summer of 2013. The College provides funding for both the research project and the presentation of findings at a professional conference during the senior year.

Christina HerreraChristina Herrera graduated in 2010 with an International Studies and Spanish double major with a concentration in Latin America. During her time at Eckerd, Christina traveled to Chile four times and studied topics ranging from Latin American Women’s literature to the impact of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet on the arts in Chile during the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Her Senior Project was titled “Promoting the Positive Cultural Evolution of Indigenous Communities Under the Pressures of Tourism.” Christina now lives in Chile with her family and works in the International Business Department of Rafael Burgos S.A., the number one importer of bicycle spare parts in Chile.

Fiske Guide 2013

For a second year in a row, Fiske recognizes Eckerd's strength in International Studies. Eckerd was noted on a list that Fiske defines as one of "today's hottest interdisciplinary majors:" International Studies.
Fiske Guide to Colleges 2013.

Student Scholars

Lorel Schmitzberger, an International Studies and Anthropology double majorLorel Schmitzberger with a minor in German, is one of eighteen Ford Apprentice Scholars college-wide.
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