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Jared L. Stark
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Eckerd College
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Literature Major/Minor


The literature major offers a broad survey of great writing from English, American, and world contexts, combined with the opportunity to study selected genres, periods, and authors in depth. Students who major in literature work closely with literary texts, developing competencies in analysis, interpretation, imaginative and critical thinking, and research. At the same time, they are regularly challenged to hone their skills in reading, writing, speaking, and discussion. Many successfully pursue double majors or minors in closely related disciplines such as Classics, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Creative Writing, and Theater, and go on to graduate, professional, and law schools as well as to a wide variety of careers.

Students must have a Mentor from among the full-time literature faculty, normally chosen by the Junior year, and must take a minimum of ten literature (LI) courses, including at least one course from each of the five areas below. Four of the LI-designated courses must be at the 300 level or higher. Two of the ten required courses may be chosen from a list of literature-related offerings from other disciplines, approved by the discipline coordinator each year. To complete the major, students must take LI 498, the comprehensive examination in Literature. In exceptional cases, students who have established their proficiency in literature may be invited to write a Senior thesis in place of the comprehensive examination.

For a minor in literature, students take five courses which bear the LI designation. Three must be Eckerd College courses, and two LI courses must be 300 level or higher. A Writing Workshop course may be substituted for one of these courses.

Students wishing to double major in literature and creative writing must fulfill the requirements for both majors, but all LI courses may count toward both majors.

Courses in each required area will be offered regularly. A sample list of courses in each area is provided below.

Guided by a mentor in Literature, students choose at least one course from each required area. Specific courses offered will vary from year to year, and additional courses may fulfill area requirements as announced by the discipline:


    LI 235H Introduction to Shakespeare
    LI 238H English Literature I: To 1800
    LI 303H 18th Century British Literature
    LI 308H Poetry of Shakespeare's Age
    LI 327 Chaucer to Shakespeare
    LI 425 Seminar on Shakespeare

    LI 239H English Literature II
    LI 319H 19th Century British Poetry
    LI 320H Modern British Poetry
    LI 322H Modern British Fiction
    LI 435 T.S. Eliot: Poetry/Prose

    LI 221H American Literature I
    LI 222H American Literature II
    LI 228H The American Short Story
    LI 241H Major American Novels
    LI 325H Modern American Poetry
    LI 381H Contemporary American Fiction
    LI 382H Contemporary American Poetry
    LI 403H American Fiction Since 1950

    LI 212H Introduction to Comparative Literature
    LI 236H History of Drama I
    LI 237H History of Drama II
    LI 244G Postcolonial Literature
    LI 281H Rise of the Novel
    LI 282H The Modern Novel
    LI 329H Literature, Myth, and Cinema
    LI 340H Literature and Art of the Great War
    LI 344H Literature, Art, & Ideas: 1850-1950
    LI 348H Literature and Film after Auschwitz
    LI 372 Tragedy and Comedy

    LI 361 Literary Criticism

Books and Boats

Boats and Books

Associate Professor of Literature Dr. Jared Stark takes his class out on Eckerd's pontoon boat to discuss Patricia Highsmith's The Talented Mr. Ripley.

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