Marine Science

Marine Science

Offshore Powerboats

Eckerd College Marine Science 2 is a 24' Cape Horn Power Boat used to conduct diving research, specimen collection and lab sessions. This vessel is equipped with a 150 hp Mercury outboard, 2 bottom finders, VHF radio. DGPS (differentially corrected GPS) and swim platform. This vessel is used as an outdoor classroom/lab under faculty supervision.

Eckerd College Marine Science 3 is a 19' OffShore Power Boat, used in dolphin and water quality research or anything requiring a shallow water boat. Equipped with a 115 hp Mercury outboard, VHF radio, bottom finder and DGPS, this boat can be reserved for research purposes.

Marine Science 4 is a 18’ Cape Horn center console vessel that is used in dolphin research. The Eckerd College Dolphin Project (ECDP) began in 1993 to meet several objectives. They include scientific research on bottlenose dolphin biology in the Boca Ciega Bay area, to provide a platform for students to learn first-hand about dolphins and dolphin research, and to provide information to conserve dolphins and other resources in the area. Since 1993, 452 boat based surveys have been conducted in Boca Ciega Bay and surrounding waters and photographs collected during these surveys have resulted in a catalog of 673 individual dolphins.

Student Research