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Marine Science

Marine Science

Senior Theses 2005

Lance Mosher (2005). Analysis of time-resolved backscatter intensity waveforms for determination of backscatter coefficients in TampaBay
Faculty Advisors: Ann Cox, Laura Wetzel
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Kristen Mitchell (2005). Comparison of modern and fossil coral climatology in the western Pacific warm pool
Faculty Advisor: Joel Thompson
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Bridget Lynn Thornton (2005). Evaluation of PIT (passive integrated transponder) tagging as a method for tracking the movements of juvenile common snook, Centropomusundecimalis
Faculty advisor:William Szelistowski
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Jeremy Bracone (2005). Interfacing sedimentology and computer science: improving efficiency and data integrity
Faculty advisor: Gregg Brooks
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Ashley Rose Gould (2005). Martian Paleoclimate and age analysis of Mars global surveyor results
Faculty advisor: Laura Wetzel
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Carey Lynn Perry (2005). Nutrient composition of sea grasses in Florida's big bend region
Faculty advisor: Jeannine Lessmann
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Jennifer A. Flannery (2005). Records of oceanic and continental response to abrupt climate changes during the late Holocene (2,000 BP - present) from the PigmyBasin, Gulf of Mexico
Faculty advisor: David Hastings
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Student Research

Given the close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and subtropical climate, the Tampa Bay region has a high concentration of marine research and academic institutions. Because of many local connections in the Tampa Bay area, a large number of opportunities are available to our students through government and private marine agencies and laboratories, public aquaria, marine conservation institutions, environmental consulting firms, and commercial aquaculture firms.

$1Mil Renovation Project

GMSL patio

The National Science Foundation awarded Eckerd College $870,720 to renovate research spaces within the Galbraith Marine Science Laboratory during the summer of 2011. Eckerd contributions to the project bring the total renovation budget to over $1 million. Learn more.