Marine Science

Marine Science

Natural Sciences Summer Research Program (NSSRP)

The Eckerd College Natural Sciences Summer Research Program, originally developed with a grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, continues to be generously funded by the College. This program provides modest funds to support faculty and students engaged in collaborative scientific research. Funds may be used to support students, and to purchase research supplies and small pieces of equipment. Proposals are submitted by NAS faculty and are reviewed by the Undergraduate Research Committee.

The following research programs conducted at Eckerd College were funded all or in part by the Natural Sciences Summer Research Program.

Marine Science Research Programs—Summer 2012

Brooks, G. R. (2012). Applying new techniques to detect events in the sedimentary record: BP/DWH Oil Spill and US Virgin Islands.
(Students: Chris Moore, Kacie Hill, Nichole Clark, Aya Matsunaga, and Cathryn Wheaton).

Hastings, D. W. (2012). Redox-sensitive trace element sampling of sediment cores affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
(Students: Tara Roeder, Shannon Hammaker, and Alexandra Hogan)

Gowans, S., & Debure, K. R. (2012). Eckerd College Dolphin Research Project: Digital photo-identification of bottlenose dolphins and comparison of catalogs between Boca Ciega Bay and John’s Pass.
(Students: Brittany Capra, Alex Carroll, Courtney Cox, and Laura Moe).

Lessmann, J., (2012). Vegetative species composition and community development in a chronosequence of estuarine and palustrine wetlands in Tampa Bay, and Trophic and biochemical assessment of wetland restoration.
(Students: Stephen Bruce and Michelle Carpenter).

Szelistowski, W. (2012). Bioaccumulation of trace metals in the oyster, Crassostrea virginica and Atlantic oyster drill, Urosalpinx cinerea.
(Student: Maxine Tan).

Student Research

Given the close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and subtropical climate, the Tampa Bay region has a high concentration of marine research and academic institutions. Because of many local connections in the Tampa Bay area, a large number of opportunities are available to our students through government and private marine agencies and laboratories, public aquaria, marine conservation institutions, environmental consulting firms, and commercial aquaculture firms.

$1Mil Renovation Project

GMSL patio

The National Science Foundation awarded Eckerd College $870,720 to renovate research spaces within the Galbraith Marine Science Laboratory during the summer of 2011. Eckerd contributions to the project bring the total renovation budget to over $1 million. Learn more.