Students majoring in mathematics acquire knowledge of the basic definitions, axioms and theorems of mathematical systems. They apply mathematical reasoning within many different contexts and they develop proficiency in computation.

The requirements for the mathematics major are:

  • completion of MA 233M Calculus III
  • completion of MA 410 Mathematics Seminar
  • completion of MA 498 Comprehensive Exam or MA 499 Senior Thesis with a final grade of C- or better
  • completion of eight additional mathematics courses numbered above MA 233M
  • completion of five additional science or mathematics courses for a B.S. degree or one additional science or mathematics course for a B.A. degree

Student placement in first-year courses is determined by evaluation of high school mathematics transcripts with consideration given toward advanced placement in the curriculum.

A minor in mathematics is attained upon the completion of five mathematics courses with a grade of C- or better. Three of the courses must be numbered above MA 233M.

Our Graduates

Many of our graduates go on to graduate school at such institutions as MIT, Stanford, Dartmouth, Brown, Duke, UCLA, Vanderbilt and more. Click here for a list of just a few of these institutions.

Mathematical Association of America

Mathematical Association of America Logo

The department maintains an active student chapter of the Mathematical Association of America. This affiliation allows us to provide our majors and minors with a complimentary membership in the MAA and free electronic copies of all MAA journals. See Resources for our Students for more information.